The boxing Legend Mike Tyson suffers from a medical condition known as Sciatica. Tyson’s illness was first brought to light when a photo of him in a chair on the runway of Miami International Airport went viral earlier this month.

It is important to note that “Iron Michael” has never spoken about his health issues prior to the incident. When the photo became viral, questions regarding his health were raised. Tyson immediately addressed the situation and admitted his condition as sciatica which can make it difficult for him to walk in certain situations. The condition is a result of the sciatic nerves in the body and those suffering from it suffers from pain in the lower back hips, lower back, and legs.

It is important to note the fact that sciatica is the sole health issue that Tyson is suffering from. Tyson made it clear at the time the speculation about his health began to increase. In an Instagram post by @brwlrz“Iron Mike” needed to express his opinion about his struggle with sciatica:

“When it flares up, I’m unable to speak. It’s a blessing that it’s my only health issue that Ihave. ”

Look at the Instagram account of @brwlrz’s posting below.

Mike Tyson speaks about overcoming addiction to drugs

He has lived a many highs and lows. Although he’s experienced the top of the heights, “Iron Mike has also faced a rise from the lowest points of his career.

In his prime, Mike Tyson started to be a victim of alcohol and drug addiction. It was among the main reasons for his career going down the drain. After being in a state of confusion for a long time after the end of his career, Tyson decided to take the first step to improve.

Mike Tyson went on to spend more than a year in rehab in order to remain clean. In an interview in 2011 with Graham Bensinger back in 2011″Iron Mike” stated:

“I have met a group of fascinating and dynamic individuals who held my interest as an individual. The rehab world is quite different, like an ideal world. Everyone is happy, everyone’s optimistic and have the attitude”We’ll be victorious! Everybody has a story to tell however they’re triumphant. ”

Watch the video interview below:

edited by Virat Deswal