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Which foam rollers are best for sciatica are the most effective?

The pain of shooting that radiates down the legs, starting from to the back. back is often a sign of sciatica and can become crippling. One option to alleviate sciatica discomfort is stretching the area affected using the aid of a foam roller. There are many kinds of foam rollers available on the market for treating sciatica. The best option for a comprehensive foam roller which can be used to alleviate pain from sciatica can be the Odoland Foam Roller Set. There are different foam roller options to effectively stop the development from sciatica pain.

Know what you need to know before purchasing an foam roller to treat sciatica

What exactly is sciatica?

Sciatica can be described as a medical issue that develops due to the fact that the sciatic nerve gets impinged because of postural or physical injuries. The sciatic nerve originates within the lower back (lumbar spine) and extends down the legs. The radiating pain related to sciatic runs along the the sciatic nerve. The majority of the time, sciatic pain is felt in one part of your body. It is associated with tenderness, tingling, and weakness.

According to MedlinePlus sources, the most common sources of sciatica are:

  • Poor posture can lead to spinal pressure on the sciatic nerve.
  • The intervertebral disk has been ruptured.
  • Spinal stenosis is an obstruction of the spinal canal which places stress on the sciatic nerve.
  • Ailments that affect the sciatic nerve include pelvic fractures.

Foam roller benefits

The most significant benefit of foam rollers used to relieve sciatica is the self-myofascial relaxation method. Myofascial therapy refers to the practice of improving blood flow to the muscles that are tight. Fascia is a form of connective tissue which surrounds bones and muscles. Myofascial Release is a technique of massage which manipulates the fascial tissues creating muscle tension by improving blood flow and circulation. Myofascial pain is usually the result of injury to the muscle, excessive use or postural issues. Foam rolling also increases the range of motion, reduce inflammation , and reduce soreness and muscle pain. In addition, foam rolling is an effective way to stretch muscles prior to and after exercising.

How do you manage sciatica using an foam roller

To treat sciatica to treat sciatica, all muscles which contribute to postural imbalance must be treated. Start by placing the foam roller in each muscle at one moment and then roll the area for approximately 1 minute. If an area that is particularly tender is identified, keep the pressure using the roller on that spot for a further minutes or until tenderness substantially diminished.

The long hours of sitting are an often a cause of postural imbalance. So do not overlook the advantages of a chair that is ergonomic in helping relieve sciatica discomfort.

What should you be looking for in a good foam roller to treat sciatica

Foam roller construction

Foam rollers can be found in three different types including open-cell, EPP and EVA.


The cheapest foam rollers that are available are made with open-cell technology. Open-cell foam rollers can be used for self-myofascial releases to relieve sciatica pain. However they break down more quickly than closed-cell rollers like EPP as well as EVA rollers.


A EPP foam roller can be described as a closed cell roller made from the EPP beads. They’re still fairly inexpensive and tend to last longer than open-cell rollers.


The most high-end foam rollers in offer can be described as EVA rollers. They are typically found in gyms and rehab clinics. EVA rollers are renowned for their long-lasting properties.

Foam roller size

Foam rollers typically measure five to six inches across. Some prefer 3-to-4-inch foam rollers to achieve a specific technique that works more deeply into the muscle. Pick the one that gives the greatest control and stability as it is carried under the body.

Foam roller kits

The foam roller kit contains instruments that are utilized to treat sciatica nerve compress. Here are the top foam roller kit equipment to think about for sciatica:

Muscle roller stick

The main difference between a foam roll and a stick for a muscle roller is the way in the application of pressure for self-myofascial release. A muscle roller stick could be utilized for regions that are difficult to roll using the use of a foam roller, like the shins, the inside of the thigh and quads.

Strap for stretching

A stretch strap can be used to gradually increase extent of stretching without the need for an additional person. Use one end of a stretch strap around your foot, and then grab it with the grip to stretch the hamstrings as well as quads.

Balls for massage

Massage balls can be utilized to penetrate more deeply into muscles and reach places that foam rollers aren’t able to reach. There are a variety of shapes and sizes in massage ball that are suitable to work on trigger points and myofascial relaxation in the neck, arms muscles, shoulders, glutes and feet.

What is the average amount you’ll be able to pay for foam rollers to treat sciatica

A foam roller included with a set of tools to treat sciatica pain can cost between $20 and $60, based on the building materials used and the amount of other tools included.

Foam roller for sciatica FAQ

Does pain relief cream helpful for sciatica?

A. Pain relief creams include the numbing agent that is used to ease nerve discomfort and boost blood flow. Application of pain relief cream to address sciatica could provide short-term relief.

What is the different of sciatica or piriformis syndrome?

A. For the case of both sciatica as well as piriformis syndrome Sciatic nerve becomes impounded, which causes discomfort. In piriformis syndrome the piriformis muscle that is located in the glutes gets tight and presses against the sciatic nerve which causes discomfort. Massage the piriformis muscle is a great way to alleviate pain caused by piriformis syndrome.

What’s the most effective foam roller to use for sciatica to purchase?

Top foam roller for sciatica

Odoland Foam Roller Set

What you should be aware of:A large 18-inch EVA foam roller that provides full body coverage and high-density PVC core that is durable.

What you’ll like:In addition to a roller, the cost includes a roller for muscles massage balls, bags that can be carried around.

What to consider:The foam roller is slightly shorter than what is recommended to roll the back.

Where to purchase:Amazon

Top foam rollers to treat sciatica to get the best price

Three21 Foam 5 In 1 Strong and Sturdy

What you should be aware of:This textured triple-zone massage roller has caps on the ends which can be opened to store the accessories included (massage stick stretch strap, ball massagers).

What you’ll enjoy:The roller comes with the manufacturer’s guarantee for life and a money-back assurance.

What should you think about:The end caps may be loosen over time.

Where to purchase:Amazon

Worth checking out

Ultimate Back Roller Ultimate Back Roller

What you should be aware of:Designed by a chiropractor to increase spinal mobility, the roll appears like a wheel, but with gaps and four rows of massive bumps that reduce the pressure on your spine.

What you’ll like:Constructed with EVA foam This roller is able to withstand loads up to 1,000 pounds.

What to consider:Some find the design of this roller to be painful when compared with traditional rollers.

Where to purchase:Amazon

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