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Some time ago, I thought that I had no limit. But then I realized that I didn’t! This week was the same thing.

As a cyclist, runner or in any other physical activity, I’ve experienced many amazing experiences and competitions. Sometimes I am amazed by how quickly these physical challenges can be accomplished. However, a few times on during the course, something happenedand I suffered an extreme case of sciatica or irritation of the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is described as pain caused by compression of the nerve root located in the spine which results in discomfort within the lower back area, hips as well as down your leg. It is usually caused by twisting, lifting or doing something unusual like stepping into a puddle.

I’ve had two serious cases during my life and both occurred at the height of my competitive times in running. It’s normal for runners and other exercise athletes at overcoming any type of discomfort hoping it will disappear. In both instances, and not getting better I started to drag my affected leg during my runs. Those runs were painful. The pace slowed down, but eventually, I got more awkward.

With the help of my favourite physical chiropractor and therapist, and lots of ice and stretching the pain and restricted mobility disappeared. As time went on, I felt like I was invincible and was able to forget the factors that helped me heal.

A year ago, I was noticing another type of nerve problem within my leg. Beginning in the front of the right hip, moving down to the knee, and typically even the lower ankle. I was unable to stand for long without experiencing discomfort. At night, I would get up with intense discomfort all over that area. My runs slowed down and slower until the Thursday morning, when I decided to stop the morning workout and set off home with the intention of a visit with the Dr. Andy Jeter of Jeter Chiropractic.

Twenty years ago twenty years ago, the doctor. Jeter told me what I had to do to get rid of the most painful sciatica-related problem I’ve ever suffered. He also assisted me about 10 years ago with a smaller amount of it. Some local runners got me to try chiropractic adjustments. They have greatly helped me. When someone is feeling at peace, it’s not difficult for them to think that they’ll be undefeatable the next day. I did not keep up with regular maintenance and, while I write this article I’m not too pleased with that.

Walking, running and other active individuals can experience injuries including strains, sprains foot pain and other injuries due to sports injuries. A portion of this is due to the act of lifting, bending and twisting. Particularly when weights are involved.

The Dr. Jeter, one of the few chiropractors who focus on the extremities, advises, “Listen to your body. Prevention is the best way to go! I love having my patients with me to help them to resume their normal activities.” He credits his regular check-ups with better fluidity, reduced joint stiffness, improved joint lubrication more sleep, better breath and a sense of well-being.”

Dr. Jeter added, “I believe there’s a wheel of health that we need to be aware of. The majority of Americans spend more for their dental health than the rest of their bodies. Chiropractic care should be only one of the wheels alongside nutrition, hydration, exercise and sleep. Be sure that your overall health is taken care of.”

The problem I am experiencing this time is the sacroiliac, and I’ve pulled out of the. Tonight, during my 2nd day of medical care it is beginning to decrease slowly. I spent a lot of time in a standing position today, and my right leg felt much better. It’s difficult to imagine, but I’ll not be running tomorrow and probably within a couple of days to make an investment in an earlier return to normal routine. At present I’ll restrict the exercises to those that aren’t pounding.

Two races are a few weeks away. It’s the West Rowan Bible Teachers Association 5K will be held on April 2nd while the Ed Dupree 5K will be held the race on April 9. Look for these, the Beginning Runners Class and other upcoming events at www.salisburyrowanrunners.org.