I tried this $25 Knee Pillow and My Sleep has Never been Better (Plus My Back Pain is Gone) Well+Good

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As a weightlifter, runner and a jump rope lover I’m used to occasionally back strains, pains and discomforts. I often resort to my massage gun or lying leg cross stretch or an ice pack to temporarily ease the pain. Although there are plenty of pillows available specially designed to treat back discomfort, I’ve discovered the best results using knee pillows in the event that I’m struggling to fall asleep (and remain asleep). Recently I’ve relied on Luna’s orthopedic knee pillow ($25) and my sleep-in has never been more enjoyable.

Why do I am in love with it? The pillow is shaped to my unique knee shape and also aligns my spine and pelvis, thanks to the bilaterial u-dips as well as an ergonomic design. The pillow is constructed of a strong memory foam cushion, it supports my knees and keeps them from rubbing during the night, thus avoiding tension and muscle pulls. As a sleeper on the side who alters in a variety of positions during the night I have noticed that the pillow moves with me, and never loses its position. After three weeks of usage I’ve noticed less instances of back discomfort when I’ve done the squat and hip thrusts only hours prior to. Plus it’s encased in a white covering which is easily washable and removable (be rid of those annoying stains). For those who sleep hot the pillow doesn’t make me feel suffocated and the breathable fabric help keep my knees cool as I take a nap.

Knee pillows aren’t only good for back pain: They also alleviate sciatic nerve pain, says Rahul Shah MD, FAAOS, an orthopedic surgeon board certified who is based at New Jersey. “In regards to knee pillows specifically, they are able to improve the position of the legs in relation toward the pelvis” Dr. Shah states. “In this way, muscles that are tired or sore in those in the back leg (i.e. the muscles of the hamstrings and Sciatic nerve) or muscles located on both sides are also supported.”

There are many who is raving about this knee cushion. Nearly 7000 Amazon customers have given it five stars. One user wrote: “Since I’ve gotten this cute little bone-shaped pillow and my sciatic nerve problem has stopped to make me sleepy in the night! I’m a sufferer of spinal discs that are slipping like dominoes. I can be sure that this pillow has made a an enormous difference in my overall quality of life.”

“After suffering from discomforting “Sacroiliac (SI) Joint’ issues for a while I came across this orthopedic knee pillow here on Amazon and I decided to give it test,” shared another Amazon reviewer. “This basic pillow is amazing! It actually does what it says!

This Luna Orthopedic Knee Pillow is designed to be perfectly sized, and it keeps my legs in a proper alignment during my sleep, preventing the weight of my legs from pushing my hips into my SI Joint. It’s also well-shaped that it doesn’t fall off when I move my position throughout the night. This pillow is definitely worth the cost!”

In the end Luna’s Orthopedic Knee Cushion is a low-cost and affordable solution to put back the Sciatic nerve discomfort to the side.

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