Mike Tyson Explains Why He was in a Wheelchair in an Miami Airport - Black Enterprise

Concerns were raised over the health that former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson when he was observed in wheelchair at the airport in the month of March.

In the report by the Shadow League, the 56-year old cannabis entrepreneur was last seen at the airport in Miami sitting in the wheelchair. In a clip from an interview he took part in the last month, Greta Van Susteren from The Record asked him why the reason he was on a wheelchair. He stated that he had sciatica when asked if he suffered from any other health problems.

“Oh I’m suffering from sciatica at times it gets worse. When it gets worse, I’m unable to even speak.” Tyson added, “I’m healthy and fit I’m in great health, yeah.”

“Thank God for it being my only health issue [Iam suffering from.”

Tyson also hosts his own show, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, recently announced that his company, Tyson 2.0, launched the first cannabis strain of his new line named in honor of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Wrestler Ric “The Nature Boy” Flair.

The former boxer was recently criticised by Hulu when he was speaking to Access Hollywood host Mario Lopez following the release of an unauthorised biography of Mike. Tyson stated that the documentary was made without his approval or input.

“I am just here and I want everyone to be aware that the show they created, Mike from Hulu has nothing to be involved in the show. They have never offered me money. They didn’t offer me anything to get involved in the film, and they took my story and then ran.”

Tyson has also said that so-called “friends” were in agreement with Hulu and were able to help to provide details about his life in order to facilitate the making of an unauthorised bio. Tyson claimed to be shocked of what they did to him.