Charlotte – In the last week, I’ve seen two clients visit me to seek some relief from their Sciatic nerve pain. The majority of people consider sciatic nerve pain any pain that begins in the lower back/buttocks region and extends through the leg until the knee. A few people have pain that extends to their feet. What can we do to determine that it’s the sciatic nerve that is causing this?

Sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerve that runs through your body. when it’s not happy, everything may be unhappy. The sciatic nerve that is located in the sacrum (tailbone) could manifest itself as burning, tingling or radiating pain that runs in the direction that the nerve is situated in your body. The good thing is that it isn’t likely to affect both sides of your body at the same time, but there’s no doubt that it can affect your daily routine if it’s upset.

The great thing about the nerve is the way it permits you to walk, stand, and run. It’s not just an motor nerve that creates movement, but it’s an sensory nerve too. It’s quite large in diameter as well, roughly the size of one penny. Based on The Cleveland Clinic, sciatic nerve problems are more prevalent in those over 30 who suffer from diabetes (diabetes increases the chance of developing nerve damage and nerve damage) and heavy lifting. running, pregnancy, life-style that is sedentary and smoking can make the condition worse.

What is a massage able to do? Massages can aid in stretching muscles that the nerve contacts and also relieve your muscles.

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