Charlotte – This week only I’ve had two patients visit me to seek the relief they need from the sciatic nerve pain. The majority of people consider sciatic nerve pain any pain that starts in the lower back/buttocks region and moves all the way to the knee. Certain people also experience discomfort extend to their feet. What can we do to determine that it’s the sciatic nerve responsible for this?

Sciatic nerve is by far the most long nerve that runs through your body. when it’s not happy, everything may be unhappy. The sciatic nerve that is located in the sacrum (tailbone) could manifest itself as burning, tingling or radiating pain, which flows in the direction that the nerve sits within your body. It’s good to know that it isn’t likely to affect both sides of your body simultaneously, however, be aware that it could cause disruption to your daily life when it’s affected.

The great thing about it’s nerve is the way it permits you to walk, run, and stand. It’s not just an motor nerve which creates movement, but it’s an auditory nerve too. It’s quite large in diameter as well, roughly the size of one penny. As per The Cleveland Clinic, sciatic nerve problems are more prevalent in those over 30 who suffer from diabetes (diabetes increases the chances of developing neurological damage as well as nerve damage) and heavy lifting. running, pregnancy, habit of sitting and even smoking cigarettes can cause the condition to worsen.

What are the benefits of a massage? Massages can help stretch muscles the nerve contacts and also relieve your muscles.

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