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The most effective shoes for sciatica are ones with a sturdy midfoot as well as a cushioned footbed.

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The pain of any kind is unpleasant, but it’s more so in the case of sciatica. Because it’s so huge that whenever the sciatic nerve is affected, it could cause pain in the lower back as well as your buttocks, toes and legs, making running or walking difficult.


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With the right footwear, it is possible to “improve the gait of your feet and promote the proper biomechanics which lead to less strain on your joints” according to doctor Patrick Sanchez, DPM, a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon located within Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Alongside helping with the pain, “This will help prevent osteoarthritis that is beginning to develop in the spine,” Dr. Sanchez states.


Below will be the most suitable shoes for this condition.

The Most Effective Shoes for Sciatica

How do we choose

We talked to a podiatristwho gave his suggestions. In addition to the input we chose the products according to the following factors:


  • Arch support
  • Stable midfoot
  • Comfort
  • Price

Why are certain shoes marketed for women or men?

The majority of manufacturers market their shoes in a gender-specific manner, which is why we’ve included the men’s and women’s choices below based on the language that the brands use. The main distinction between women’s and men’s shoes is in the dimensions and width. In some instances the shoes for men are designed to withstand heavier loads. For those who have larger bodies, they may prefer male-specific models, while those who have smaller bodies might prefer women’s styles. We suggest everyone shop according to your personal preference, rather than being stifled by the marketing jargon.

1. Best Overall: HOKA Bondi 7

Are you planning to run or just walking around? Do you need a pair of shoes? HOKA Bondi 7 is a comfortable and supportive shoe made to take on the any impact, no matter what and has earned its place as the top overall choice.


Cushions and supports are vital as it “helps relieve pressure on your spine,” which can help people suffering from sciatica the doctor. Sanchez says.

In addition, the outer layer is made of mesh that is breathable (see your feet sweaty!) The collar, too, is constructed of memory foam that helps those who have smaller ankles.

2. The Best Runner-Up: NewBalance Fresh Foam 860v12 X

New Balance’s fresh Foam shoe features a supportive sole made of foam to ease discomfort and ensure stability.

You’ll be able to run for longer distances, even in the outdoors due because of the reflective upper as well as mesh upper which makes the shoe more easy to breathe and easily visible.

The shoe is available in 12 different shades, ranging from bright red to hot pink.

3. Ideal for walking: HOKA Clifton 8

Another top-selling shoe from the HOKA family is the Clifton 8. The reason this shoe is ideal for walking is the fact that it’s breathable and lightweight. It has an elastomer sole with a cushioned upper. The design of the crash pads is to cushion impact every time you walk.

Beyond its comfort Beyond being extremely comfortable, beyond being extremely comfy, the Clifton 8 received the seal endorsement of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) this means it’s been evaluated by APMA podiatrists in order to improve foot health.

Purchase itnow: in women’s size 5-12; for men’s sizes 7-16;Prices: $140

4. The best for running: Brooks Ghost 14

You can run the length of the track With Brooks Ghost 14. It’s built using the signature cushioning technology, which helps to absorb the impact and provides better transitions from heel top and makes it the perfect running shoe.

The mesh is made of adaptive mesh. the outer layer is able to adjust to your foot’s shape to provide the perfect fitting. Bonus? There are 29 vibrant colors to pick from, like violet and fuschia stripes.

Dr. Sanchez recommends swapping out your running shoes every 500 miles.

5. Best Sandal: Birkenstocks Arizona Soft Slide Sandal

If you’re in search of an alternative to sandals, “Birkenstocks are the optimal shoe to wear,” Dr. Sanchez states. “They are a cork-and-latex style sole that offers more support than the typical sandal, and also molds your foot to a degree and becomes more comfortable over time.”

The cushioned footbed offers the arch with support, and also absorbs shock from every stride. The straps can be adjusted.

Purchase itnow: in sizes unisex ranging from 4 to 11.5 Price: $140; Cost: $140

What to look for in Shoes to treat Sciatica

1. Stable Midfoot and rigid Heel Counter

A suitable shoe for sciatica should have a sturdy midfoot and a firm heel counter, says the doctor Dr. Sanchez.

To find out if the shoe is equipped with these characteristics, “pick up the shoe and bend it half way to see where the arch of your foot would have been,” he says. If it bends completely, then the sole is not flexible enough which is why the doctor. Sanchez recommends putting the shoe back.

2. Sole and Cushioned Footbed

When you purchase a pair of shoes for sciatica be sure to ensure that the footbed is padded as well as cushioning. The sole and footbed that are cushioned absorb the impact and place less stress on joints and knees. Certain shoes, such as those of New Balance 860v12, are filled using soft cushioning.