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A guest The View The View has revealed a film project which Whoopi Goldberg had to end due to serious health problems.

The news comes following the fact that the actress who is famous was absent from the talk show just one day in the year 2021 because of back discomfort.


The View host Whoopi Goldberg was made to resign from the film role last year. Source: ABC


Director Kevin Smith revealed that she was to be component in Clerks III Credit: ABC

In a new episode of The View, director Kevin Smith who is 52, appeared on the panelists for a discussion about his new film, Clerks III.

Whoopi, 66, inspired her cohost Joy Behar to ask Kevin: “Who was the woman who played the witch?”

“That was the legendary Amy Sedaris,” he declared.

“She was in the role of an emergency hitter since we already had a doctor however she had to go through some health issues on her own and was unable to be there,” continued Kevin.

Then he pointed to Whoopi He then emphasized: “Whoopi right there.”

“Yes,” confirmed the moderator.

Kevin stated: “Whoopi was supposed to be here with us.

“I was very excited, and I believe that it was because the back incident occurred.”

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“Oh it was the back thing, and that leg thing and the front thing, everything was happening!” said Whoopi, taking a joke about her health problems.


Kevin and Whoopi worked together with Kevin on Clerks III when she was knocked down by sciatica in June 2021.

This condition that has left Whoopi walking with a walker results from a herniated disc or bone spur on the spine or shrinking or narrowing the spine can cause compression on a part of the nerve.

After taking a break on The View, Whoopi explained to her followers: “I was out because I was struggling with something known as sciatica which is basically a bulging disc that is located in your back and can affect the sciatic nerve that causes the leg into pain.

“I’m telling you that it’s like having a terrible partner… an unreliable boyfriend who returned back to play with me.”

“There I was trying to move my leg — impossible,” she continued.

“It was really awful.”

Her ordeal happened following her absence on The View for a few weeks in the year 2019 after she was admitted to the hospital with sepsis and pneumonia.

However, the veteran TV host is feeling much better and was recently featured in an animated Apple film, Luck.


Whoopi was not on The View in June 2021 because of sciatica Source: ABC


In the meantime, Amy Sedaris took over her role as Clerks III Clerks III Credit: ABC


Whoopi along with co-hosts and newcomers Alyssa Farah Griffin as well as Ana Navarro Credit: ABC