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If you’ve ever suffered from sciatica pain, you’re aware of how debilitating the condition can become. We’re here to help you. have spoken to the Dr. Mike Bohl, Director of Medical Content & Education at Ro and a certified personal trainer, about the most effective exercises to treat sciatica pain. Find out more and then make sure to check out the 6 best Exercises to strengthen and tone your Arms by 2022. Trainer Says.


Based on the findings of Mayo Clinic, sciatica pain can be caused by a variety of things , and it travels along your sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is located in to your lower back to your glutes and hips and continues down each of your legs. Often, sciatica will only compromise one side. It usually occurs when discs rupture, spinal stenosis, or bone spurs that are located on your spine causes irritation to the sciatic nerve. All of these issues can cause discomfort, inflammation, or the leg becoming numb.

Doctor. Bohl shares with us some exercises that can help with sciatica pain. There are many reasons for this type of pain, it is important to recognize that not all exercises will alleviate every problem. The doctor Dr. Bohl warns, “Sciatica cannot always be treated through the use of the right lifestyle, and some might have to undergo surgery or any other procedures to treat sciatica.” Dr. Bohl adds that “In addition to physical therapy, exercise and stretching, other items that can help combat sciatica include medicines (such as Tylenol and anti-inflammatory medications like Advil) Hot or cold compresses, spinal injections, and surgery.”

Doctor. Bohl recommends speaking with your physical therapist or medical specialist to determine the most appropriate exercises for your sciatica.

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When you are in a sitting or standing in a sitting or standing position, straighten one of your legs to the side of you on a level surface. Make sure to keep your back straight while you lean forward until get a good stretch. Maintain this position for 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side.

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Begin by lying onto your back. Place one knee on your chest, bringing the knee close to your body using your hands. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.


In this last exercise for this final exercise, lay on your back and extend your knees and remain down on the flooring. “Rotate your pelvis forward , making your arch flat to lower back to the floor while lifting your buttocks upwards,” Dr. Bohl suggests. Keep this posture, and then ease into it. Repeat the process several times.

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