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Acu-hump, also known as a Sciatica stretcher, has been designed to relieve sciatica, piriformis syndrome, hip pain and low back pain, without medication and surgery.

The Acu-hump is a tool for massage created to ease the lower back and buttock discomfort. Studies have shown that about 18 percent of Americans suffer from pain in the buttock at least once during their lives, which can impact their work and personal lives. This is the reason why the Acu-hump Sciatica Stretcher is created to reduce pain, improve comfortand increase the general quality of life.

The term “pain in the buttock,” PIBO is an issue in which the patient experiences painful stiffness, pain as well as tenderness, in the lower back region, specifically in the hip. PIBO is classified into four categories dependent on the pathophysiology that is underlying. The first and most prevalent type is Sciatica pain which is caused by tension of the sciatic nerve located in the buttock area. The other is Piriformis syndrome, where muscles in the buttock experience spasms, which can cause an ache that is dull. A third as well as a fourth form is hip and lower back pains and lower back pains, that are due to a variety of causes including muscle injury or pelvic floor dysfunction the liberal tear or osteoarthritis.

In certain instances, the discomfort lasts longer, leaving the sufferer in constant dismay. It is either necessary to endure a lifetime of painkillers or undergo surgery for long-term relief. An alternative, excluding the above options is all they require.

So, the Acu-hump Sciatica Stretcher is the best option. It allows people to live their lives free of pain and discomfort. The Acu-hump was created in a unique manner to offer massage therapy for sciatica. It is a hump-like structure which gently stretches muscles, and then massages to increase myofascial release which reduces the pressure on nerves as well as easing the pain. Instead of focusing on the superficial tissue, this device targets deep tissues for maximum results. These 14 nubs that are based on the fingers of therapists, are constructed to provide the proper amount of pressure , without creating discomfort for bony body structures. In addition, it improves circulation of blood and oxygen supply to relieve tension and improve strength of the hip muscles. The following videos clearly demonstrate the way in which the Acu-hump (sciatic nerve stretcher) became the top choice for sufferers of buttock pain and the reason why the hype and the amazing satisfaction of customers is so good.

Information about the business:

The product designer was inspired from his therapist while he was suffering from the same pain as a result of his job that was passive. The therapist instructed him to sit on his knees, stretch the lower back and massage his piriformis muscles using his fingers. This helped to ease his pain completely, leaving him with a complete feeling of relaxation and relief. That’s when he decided to work with his therapist to develop an effective solution.

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