What is the nerve condition Mike Tyson is suffering from? Everything you have to be aware of Sciatica and Sciatica DNA India

The former world champion in heavyweight boxing Mike Tyson, has revealed that he has sciatica. Sciatica is a condition that affects the nerves that causes discomfort within low back and the leg. “I suffer from sciatica at times and it gets worse. If it’s flared up I am unable to even speak. It’s a blessing that it’s the only health issue I’ve ever had,” Mike Tyson told Newsmax TV in a recent conversation.

Sciatica is a kind of nerve pain that occurs due to the fact that the sciatic nerve located in the lower back or buttock (hip) location is damaged or inflamed. A hernia, or slipped disc, that places tension over the nerve root is the most common reason. With perseverance and self-care solutions most sufferers with sciatica recuperate by themselves.

Bone spurs, which are an outgrowth of bone that occurs in the spinal region, are one of the most frequently occurring causes of the condition. Obesity, age and sitting for prolonged periods are just a few examples of those risk factors which can cause the condition to become more severe.

What is the signs of Sciatica?

  • From mild discomfort to intense, burning pains can be felt.
  • The feeling of numbness on your back part of your leg can be a sign of sciatica.
  • Sciatica can sometimes only affect one leg. The leg appears weighty and cannot be lifted.
  • Sitting causes sciatica more severe. The spine can be bent when trying to stand and this causes pain.
  • There might be discomfort in one part of the leg and feeling the leg is numb in the other.
  • It’s important to recognize there are a variety of back and leg pains are likely to be caused by Sciatica. The connection to sciatic nerve is essential.

Self-care therapies include:

  • Applying hot or ice packs and/or ice
  • Relaxation and stretching exercises
  • Maintain a good posture while sitting
  • Exercise regularly