What your Thigh Pain Can Actually Mean The cause of your thigh pain could be Health Digest

Another reason that is commonly associated with painful thigh muscles is deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which is an illness that triggers an increase in blood clots in the veins. The majority of people also experience redness and swelling at the beginning of the condition, as per Weill Cornell Medicine. If it is not treated, DVT can lead to chronic venous conditions. There are occasions when the blood clot could be transported to the lungs and cause pulmonary embolism which is a serious situation.

DVT could have a myriad of causes, ranging from age and inactivity to injuries. Smoking cigarettes, obesity as well as certain medications like birth control pills could cause this condition, also, says of the Mayo Clinic. In some cases, DVT can be the result of an unrelated illness such as cancer or inflammatory bowel disease or heart failure. However, it could also be due to genetic causes. Treatment typically includes blood thinners, clotbusters or more aggressive procedures, based on the degree of your illness. You might also have wearing compression socks or a sock, stop smoking cigarettes, or lose weight.

As you can see, thigh pain may be a sign of a variety of conditions ranging from repetitive injuries to diseases. Your doctor is the only person to make a reliable diagnosis. It’s not unusual to experience discomfort in your thighs after the intensity of a exercise or sitting for a long time, however, you should consult an ophthalmologist if your symptoms persist for more than several days.