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From Dr. Neeraj Adkar

Dr. Neeraj Adkar is DNB, D orthopedist with fellowships in joint replacement surgery as well as arthroscopy and sports medicine and brings solid and stable expertise to his field.

I am a 57 year old male and have had arthritic pain in my joints for six years. I recently went for my regular check-up as I had shoulder pain. The doctor said it was a frozen shoulder. Is my pain from arthritis or from my shoulder movement? I used to play table tennis.

Your pain could be due to arthritis. Frozen Shoulder is a terminology for tension in the shoulder joint capsule that occurs mainly in diabetics. If there is no history of the previous injury, your pain or condition can be treated with medication and physical therapy. If your pain does not go away at all, further diagnostic work-up is recommended.

Is every shoulder pain associated with a frozen shoulder in old age?

No, there are several reasons for shoulder pain in the elderly. Sometimes it can also be referred pain. If you experience shoulder pain, contact your doctor and have them suggest the treatment you need after your condition is diagnosed.

My mother had shoulder pain when she was young. She later had to undergo shoulder surgery. I have more or less the same pain and have been asked to undergo shoulder surgery. Is my shoulder problem hereditary?

Arthritis is hereditary in many families, but other conditions are not. So the cause of your pain can be an injury or a transferred pain. Treatment depends solely on the diagnosis. Most problems can be managed conservatively with medication and physical therapy. If you would like more information, please send me your investigation reports so that I can get a clear picture of your condition.

I have had shoulder pain for eight months and have been recommended to have surgery. Do you need an operation? Will Physiotherapy Help?

Shoulder pain can have a number of causes. Just stating shoulder pain is not enough. I need more details or investigation reports if I have to comment on something.

► I am a 19 year old boy; I used to play badminton a lot in school but stopped because of a recurring shoulder dislocation. I recently visited my family doctor because I had shoulder pain. He said I needed an operation because of my shoulder problems. All I want to know is whether it is safe to have surgery for this recurring shoulder dislocation and pain?

Recurrent shoulder dislocation cannot be treated conservatively with medication or physiotherapy. It takes surgery. The repair of the torn tissue can be operated on arthroscopically (keyhole surgery). This is a procedure that requires a day of hospitalization. Physiotherapy is required after the procedure for effective mobility, and the patient will be back to normal in less than three to four months.

Last week I injured my shoulder joint while bowling while playing cricket. I went to my doctor, but the x-ray does not show anything and I am still in pain. What could be the reason for this and what is the next course of action I should take?

Many structures are not visible on X-ray films. X-rays are generally done to see bones. Soft tissues cannot be seen in the X-ray. If the injury is only a week old, move on to medication and physical therapy. And if the pain persists then go ahead and do an MRI.

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