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According to Dr. Eric Chun-Pu Cho, DC PhD, of the Chiropractic Doctors’ Association Hong Kong (CDAHK) People spend around 6 hours each day staring at their phones, that can lead to major neck pain and Numbness.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 5, 2022/PRNewswireBased on the study conducted by researchers at Journal of Medical Cases, spinal manipulative therapy is efficient in resolving misalignment within the cervical spine (1).

What the neck of a text message does for your body like this: It puts the neck into the wrong position. It lengthens the ligaments and tendons behind the neck. It also causes misalignment as well as tightening your neck. “Our heads weigh around ten pounds. The amount of weight your neck has to support doubles each time your head is tilted towards the front. This additional tension builds with time” as per CDAHK.

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The most common sign is an injury to the shoulders, neck or back. It can also cause the sensation of a sharp pain, stiffness, headache in your jaw or neck or numbness of your hands and arms. The issue occurs when the neck is placed in an unnatural position, which places stress on neck spine along with the muscles supporting it. This happens when you turn your neck in longer periods of time while looking at your phone or screen.

But, letting go of our smartphones isn’t a viable alternative. Instead, we should make sure that we take regular routine maintenance and adhere to healthy habits to avoid discomforts and aches that come with neck strains from texting.

Chiropractors advise being adjusted if you experience an ongoing discomfort. The regular visits help alleviate pain and fix the structural issues caused by text neck that time causes. Chiropractic treatment is regarded as one of the primary non-pharmacological treatments for acute or ongoing neck pain (1-4) as well as shoulder (5) and back discomfort (6-9).

Keep in mind that there is no tool guaranteed to alleviate your symptoms caused by technology. However maintaining regular and exercising regularly won’t cause any harm in keeping your muscles in good shape and healthy.


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