Neck pain can be a nuisance. It is especially annoying when it interferes with sleep. Pillows are often the culprit. Sleepless nights caused by neck and shoulder pain are not something you should tolerate in the 21st Century. Let us help you by suggesting some of the best pillows for neck and shoulder pain.

Check out these new-age ortho pillows that are designed with care and love to cradle the neck. Below are our top picks of pillows for neck pain that are available in India. They are sure-fire winners when it comes to peaceful sleep. Each product was selected based on customer reviews, quality, value for money and design.

The best neck pillows to relieve neck pain

1. Sleepsia Memory foam Pillow – Standard Cervical orthopedic Pillow For Shoulder and Neck Pain

The Sleepsia Memory Foam pillow is a neck pain champion. This standard cervical orthopaedic pillow, with its unique butterfly design, keeps your neck in its natural curve as you sleep. Memory foam also cradles the neck and shoulders to provide the perfect balance of softness. Neck pain will be a thing of the past with this pillow!


2. SleepyCat Contour Orthopedic memory foam pillow

SleepyCat’s Orthopedic Memory Foam pillow is a cushiony comfort zone designed to relieve shoulder and neck pain. Dual loft design allows you choose the height which suits your sleeping position. The exterior is covered in breathable bamboo fabric that is hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin. This pillow will help you to sleep without any neck pain. It’s also durable!


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3. HealthSense Memory Foam Pillow

This HealthSense pillow is a unique combination between memory foam and bamboo fibre cover. The memory foam is soft but firm, providing optimal neck support. The bamboo fibre cover provides a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. The side mesh cover also promotes airflow. It’s all about the details, right?


4. Dr.Ortho Premium Orthopedic Cervical memory foam Pillow

The Dr. Ortho cervical memory foam pillow has a unique contour to perfectly cradle the neck. The high-density memory foam ensures a restful sleep. The washable cover also makes it easy to maintain.


5. Cervical Neck Pillows For Sleeping

These orthopedic cervical neck pillows are ideal for those who want to relieve pain. The contour design maintains your neck’s natural curvature, relieving neck and shoulders pain. It’s also versatile and can be used in any sleeping position. Comfort has never felt so good!


Best value for money:HealthSense memory foam pillow, with its durable design, orthopedic design, and bamboo fiber cover offers the best value for your money. The best neck pain pillows are the perfect combination of comfort, quality and cost-effectiveness.

Best Overall product:The Sleepsia Memory Foam Pillow has won our gold award. Its unique design and neck pain targeting functionality, as well as its premium materials, make it the shining stars amongst the lot.

How to choose the right neck pain pillow

It’s not rocket science to choose the perfect pillow. Comfort, material and design are important factors to consider. A good pillow should be made from durable, quality materials, and fit within your budget. The perfect pillow is the one that suits you and your sleeping patterns.

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