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Sleep is not just essential for your well-being however, it is also essential for skin health and anti-aging. A peaceful night’s sleep is essential in such circumstances. However, there are many complaints of shoulder and neck discomfort upon waking. If this is the case for you as well, take note of your sleep habits. In addition it is recommended to practice yoga early in the morning to alleviate shoulder and neck discomfort. Yoga can help relieve any stress , and gives the body an intense physical workout that helps keep you active and energetic.

Simple yoga poses that ease neck and shoulder pain following waking up in the early

It is recommended to use an easy-to-leap mattress to support your head, and an adjustable neck roll to support the neck while sleeping on your back. It is always recommended to stay clear of mattress that is firm or high as they may cause neck bends in sleep, which could result in discomfort and stiffness upon awakening.

Shoulder blades should be placed below the shoulders and the knees are lower than the hips for this yogasana. All fours should be balanced evenly. When looking up, exhale and let your belly drop towards the ground. When you exhale, bring the chest to the chin and then pull the navel towards the spine. Repeat the asana.

What yoga postures can ease shoulder joint pain?

This posture helps strengthen and stretch the shoulders and neck. To perform this yoga posture take a seat at your feet, jump forward, then lower your forehead until you are on the mat. Lean forward and extend your palms downwards. Bring your chest up to your thighs and then press. Keep this position for couple of seconds before releasing. It eases muscles in the back as well as the spine and eases the stress on shoulders.

Yoga is good for shoulder and neck discomfort?

It is also easy to master. To perform this you must lie in a position on your back against the wall. The buttocks should meet the wall. Place your feet on the wall, and arms to the sides. Breathe deeply and hold the posture for a few minutes or so. It eases neck tension and shoulders, and eases back pain.

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