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If you’ve been sleeping with an unflattering pillow over the past couple of months, it’s time to make a change. Since pillows should be comfy and supportive all night long — and not leave you with discomfort and pain the moment you awake.

If you’re not certain where to begin take a look at an option like the Hoperay Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, which comes with the backing of hundreds of Amazon buyers. It’s a great pillow for back, side, as well as stomach-sleepers (and particularly pregnant women According to the manufacturer) since it molds to your neck and head regardless of place of rest. Additionally, with the help of an Amazon sale and a coupon that you can click that offers double discounts currently available.

The pillow can be customized with 100% shredded memory foam. It’s completed with a protective cover made of an amalgamation of bamboo and polyester and the user can either choose to add or remove the filling shredded to their preference. Making use of the right quantity of filling can help relieve neck and back pain, getting your spine in alignment to ensure that you don’t awake in pain the next day.

In addition it is the Hoperay pillow can be machine washed The brand suggests washing the pillows at least every 2 to 4 months. It’s also made available in three different sizes: queen, standard and King.

Buy It! Hoperay’s Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, $32.30 with coupon (orig. $62.77); amazon.com

More than a thousand Amazon customers have given the pillows five stars as well as many calling it the “best mattress in the world. Earth” and pointing out its “bounces back” after each use. One user put it this way: “My shoulders and back are no longer sore every morning when I get up.”

Another person who bought the pillow said that they purchased the pillow because they were always waking up feeling uncomfortable with their existing pillows. “These pillows conform to my neck, so that my neck is aligned in relation to me,” they wrote, saying, “Since using these pillows I can wake up without neck discomfort.”