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Murray in Utah – (NewMediaWire) on October 27 2022 Advanced Spine & Disc uses the DRX9000 to treat various reasons for back discomfort. The features are customized to accommodate the specific needs of each patient.

It can be difficult to bear pain especially when it interferes with your daily activities. Physical pain is usually treated using traditional remedies however there is some persistent pain that is not treated by medical intervention. In such instances, doctors suggest patients undergo surgical procedures, something that is often not embraced by patients. Research has proven that back procedures are not always a source of pain relief which has led to the development of new and innovative ways for treating physical pain that are non-invasive. One of them is the application of DRX 9000 that is the most advanced technology available that has proven effective in removing back and neck pains without surgery.

Advanced Spine & Disc uses the DRX9000 for treating different reasons for back pain. The ailments they treat with this technique are sciatica herniated, degenerative, bulging discs, and protruding discs. This machine is used to decompress spine to ease nerve compression through applying pressure to vertebrate column. The clinic can customize the machine’s functions to accommodate the specific needs of each patient. Patients are required to attend several routinely scheduled sessions to see a gradual decrease in symptoms, better functioning, and improved the quality of their life.

The spine clinic makes use of the DRX9000 machine to expand your spine to create disc gaps that facilitate a more fluid circulation of nutrition. This machine is powered by the servo motor to deliver spinal decompression therapy that’s non-invasive, with long-lasting results. Additionally, it has features that play soothing music as well as video clips to help patients feel more at ease while receiving treatment. The DRX9000 employs targeted therapy that delivers treatment directly to the location of discomfort. This enhances the accuracy and efficiency of treatment. It’s a fantastic remedy for low back or the lumbar region that is causing discomfort.

Advanced Spine & Disc begins every DRX9000 procedure by having a consult with their chief spine specialist Dr. Clark. The consultation includes a thorough review of the patient’s symptoms limitations, medical background. There may be additional tests required such as diagnostic imaging to increase the accuracy of diagnosis. Based on the results the doctor will inform clients about their treatment options. They spend time providing an description of how DRX9000 is going to help patients’ health and the anticipated gradual changes. The team then creates an individual treatment plan specific to the patient’s health issues and the diagnosis. This consultation session gives the opportunity for patients to inquire about the treatment and services offered by the clinic.

The clinic’s DRX9000 treatments address minor and chronic pain caused by various conditions such as the aging process wear and tear accidents, falls, injuries repetitive movements, and so on. They alleviate symptoms such as burning pain and numbness tenderness, and tingling which affects the back neck, buttocks, thighs, neck and various other body areas. They can provide relief for injuries that are worse when patients bend, sit or turn. The clinic monitors their progress regularly to alter treatments in accordance with the changing needs of patients.

Advanced Spine & Disc has an experienced and licensed team of expert doctors, who are led by the spine specialist Dr. Clark. They adopt the hands-on approach to treating and strive to provide the best value for money with personalized services. The clinic employs a patient-centric method that is focused on meeting the needs of the patient. They have created the procedures to accommodate patients’ preferences and provide feedback to their individual treatment strategies. The clinic offers a relaxing setting with staff members who is committed to providing pleasant experiences for their patients.

The representative of the clinic spoke about the services they provide: “We have helped thousands of patients relieve themselves of pain using the most up-to-date and advanced non-surgical treatments for neck or back pain. We treat the cause and not just treat the symptoms. Our cutting-edge technologies, such as DRX9000, remove the necessity for surgery, painkillers, or injections. If you’ve undergone surgery, we are able to assist you – you deserve efficient solutions for discomfort. ”

Advanced Spine & Disc is located at 5250 Commerce Dr #155, Murray, Utah, 84107, US. To book an appointment or consultation for appointments, please contact their staff by dialing (801) 747-7776. Visit their website to find out more details regarding their Murray office and more details on the non-surgical treatment options they offer to address the root of back and neck pain.

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