Make sure you are in a good posture when using mobiles or you'll suffer back neck pain, or back pain Economic Times

Due to the increasing use of mobile phones, many are also suffering from chronic spinal changes, particularly within the cervical, thoracic, and the lumbar regions.

Our posture during the process when we receive and make mobile calls could result in musculoskeletal pain. Many studies have found that the incorrect posture when using phones to the development of pain and discomfort.

The joints of our body experience wear and tear while they are active, and can be repaired in the time of rest. When we place joints that are not in a normal position for a long period of time, or press the joints with a single position for a long period of time they will be subject to greater wear and tear. there will be a point where there is a wear and tear that will be greater in comparison to the repair and the degeneration will begin within the joints as The doctor Uma Kumar, head of the Department of Rheumatology AIIMS said to IANS.

“When we hold the mobile in our hands it is not just our fingers that are utilized, but also our elbow, hands muscles, neck and elbow are all involved, as we normally look at the phone while we bend the neck from a the netural position, which is above the head and in a straight line,” Dr Kumar said.

AIIMS doctor has stated that there is constant burden on the skull, muscles and brain over the neck that rests on the cervical spine. If we are working or watching the mobile incorrectly the weight will increase in proportion to the tension over the spine and muscles, causing pains.

“When you turn your head back or tilt it to the side and backwards, the cervical spine’s (neck) muscles and ligaments provide support to the head. When you exert pressure on your neck it is the intervertebral discs of the neck which help force be evenly distributed and absorbed,” Dr Kumar said.

In discussing the growing amount of patients suffering from this Dr Kumar explained “We frequently in OPD encounter patients who are complaining of pain in the neck, fingers, or waist because of a wrong posture.” A long-term forward head position can increase the risk of an acceleration of the degenerative spinal changes, said AIIMS doctor Kumar. Instead of lowering the head maintain it in a straight position and raise the mobile and laptop to your eyes. suggested.

“Our head weighs between 5-8 kg of weight. If the head is tilted in any manner, it will put greater pressure on the muscles in the neck because of gravity, however when we are in a fixed, long-standing place (prolong time on a computer and the use of mobile phones) it can cause muscles that fatigue, pain and degenerative conditions because of a chronically bad posture.” said Dr. Kaushal Kant Mishra Director, Bone and Joint Institute, Fortis Escort Hospital.

Dr. Mishra explained that “If our necks are in the normal position, we place 5.4 kgs of mass on the neck. If your head is tilted by 15 degrees toward the forward direction it will increase the weight to 12.2 kgs. If the head is tilted by 30 degrees and upwards, the weight will rise to 18.1 kgs. If it is tilted you tilt it 45 degrees, the it will weigh 22.2 kgs. And if the head tilted to 60 degrees and the weight on the neck will be 27.2 kilograms.”

“That is why paying attention to your posture when using the mobile or laptop is essential to avoid discomfort and disarray. When the shoulders and neck move forward and backwards, the muscles of the front become tighter, and the back side gets weaker, and a result is that muscle imbalance occurs,” Dr Mishra said.

A good posture, ergonomics and, above all the strengthening of neck muscles is the most effective prevention and treatment option for neck, shoulder and upper back pain, Dr. Mishra explained to IANS.