Ensure your baby sleeps well

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  • 23-08-2021 14:00

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Make sure your baby is sleeping well

If your child does not sleep well, here’s what you need to do: How many hours of sleep does your child really need?

Do your kids wake up late every day? Then you should be happy because it is a good sign that your child is sleeping well. But you have to worry if the child doesn’t wake up even after several alarms and you literally have to drag your child out of bed. There are many children who do not sleep well at night, feel lethargic, and cannot concentrate on studying during the day.
Is your child moody? Is your child unable to focus on studying or doing daily chores with ease? Then he / she must encounter sleep problems. Yes, you heard right! Many children become night owls, and this affects their general well-being. Sleep is vital for young children. Early in life, one experiences tremendous development that affects the brain, body, emotions and behavior and creates the conditions for their growth in childhood and adolescence.
Sleeping soundly at night can help children lead healthy lives. From babies to school-age children and teenagers, parents can know that hours of sleep are essential for their child.
Newborns need about 14 hours of sleep, infants need about 15 hours of sleep, toddlers need about 14 hours of sleep, preschoolers need about 10-13 hours of sleep, while school children aged 6-13 need about 9 hours of sleep.
Here are a few foolproof tricks to help your child get a good night’s sleep:

♦ Make sure you give your child at least 10 to 11 hours of sleep every day. If your child has a habit of sleeping late, set the bedtime half an hour earlier as this will help your child wake up on time and avoid missing out on online classes.
♦ Try to keep the same schedule so that your child can sleep soundly and sleep properly. Establish a consistent bedtime to calm the child and get them to sleep right away.
♦ You must limit your child’s exposure to electronic devices at least 1 hour before bedtime. Do not allow your child to play games on the phone or watch TV before you have hit the sack, as this can deprive the child of sleep.
♦ Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks, especially in the second half of the day, as this prevents a good night’s sleep. Do not make your child drink a lot of water before going to bed, as they will have to go to the bathroom all the time and sleep will be disrupted.
♦ Make sure there is good lighting and temperature in the children’s room. Do not fill the crib with toys and heavy blankets, which will suffocate the child and make them uncomfortable. Use a good pillow and mattress that will support your child’s back and neck. The wrong mattress and pillow can lead to back and neck pain.
If your child has sleep problems such as loud or difficult breathing, snoring, and even waking up regularly, you need to see a doctor. Make sure your child gets enough sleep regularly to keep them safe and sound.
And if you’re a new mom, here are some things to take care of:

♦ Pay attention to optimal hygiene: In the case of a newborn baby, even a new mother is susceptible to infections and can pass these on to the baby. Therefore, pay special attention to hygiene – wash your hands frequently, wipe / clean your breasts after breastfeeding and pay attention to personal hygiene.
♦ Quiet is a must: Babies have different timers than adults. So try to sleep when your baby is asleep and delegate other household chores.
♦ Diet: Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, in addition to rest, you need to eat healthily, as this is good for both your baby and you. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.