You probably think of u-shaped donuts wrapped around your neck when you think about travel pillows. This Tempur-Pedic pillow is a smaller version of the brand’s Tempur-Neck pillow.

The contoured cushion fits snugly between your head, shoulders, and neck when you are lying down. The ridged edge supports a neutral posture that follows the natural curve of your cervical spine. Erin Weber, P.T. DBT, previously told mindbodygreen that this neutral position is essential to relieve neck strain at the end a long workday.

The compact pillow is made of the same Tempur-Material as the full-sized pillow. It responds to heat from your body, allowing the material to contour better to you. The foam, which was developed by NASA and perfected by Tempur-Pedic, is not the most environmentally friendly material available. However it offers better temperature regulation than standard foam.

One warning: this pillow is best for side or back sleepers, as the 6-inch raised curve may be too high if you sleep on your stomach.