Access to a variety of products, prices, and accessibility are the most frequent complaints in the NY's medical marijuana subreddit

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Chris, 27, from New York City who has been a patient of medical cannabis for around a year and half, says he’s been fortunate to not experience any difficulties in getting his medicine.

It doesn’t mean he’s not experienced plenty of it.

Chris is moderator of the NewYorkMMJ subreddit, an online platform for users to discuss their experiences, news, and thoughts on New York’s state-wide medical cannabis program. He has read virtually every comment from patients of medical cannabis across New York State complaining about their access, or lack of access to the cannabis that they were prescribed.

The advocates and the patients of New York have claimed the claim that New York State is letting its medical cannabis program languish as the entity charged with regulating the sector – known as the Office of Cannabis Management – concentrates its efforts on creating a market for recreational cannabis. NY Cannabis Insider has previously published reports on complaints from patients as well as the bigger issues that confront marijuana medically in New York State.

Chris who asked NY Cannabis Insider not to use his name as a last name, claimed that the “number one problem we have to deal with is price” which means that the prices of cannabis sold in New York are significantly higher than in other states.

“You’ll be paying $85 for vapes when it’s just $25 here in Maine,” he said. “I believe it also takes advantage of those who rely upon (medical marijuana).”

Apart from the price, Chris said product selection is also very limited. dispensaries can offer only eight to 12 varieties of flowers.

“When you don’t have more that twelve strains in any at a time, it’s more difficult for one person to determine what’s working,” he said.

He said that he’s blessed since he earns a decent income, the majority of issues he hears about on the subreddit stem caused by people with less disposable income.

“A majority of our complaints stem from those who have an income that is fixed, or physically incapable of traveling very long distances,” he said.

The distance is more problematic for patients who live in upstate states, Chris said. However, regardless of New York City, he can see where there might be challenges with accessThere are a couple of dispensaries he frequents with reasonable prices however, anyone who doesn’t know where to go or can’t get to a great extent, could find themselves paying high costs.

“The only dispensaries offering the best cost include RISE at Midtown in Midtown and Curaleaf located in Forest Hills,” he stated.

Chris stated that the prices he witnessed at an cannabis dispensary Brooklyn are “insane.”

“Something you could get for $80 or $90 can be bought at $110” He said.

He also shared his concerns concerning what he considers inefficiencies and delays within issues with Office of Cannabis Management -For instance, the regulations regarding home cultivation have not yet been enacted. In addition, patients have complained for months about being unable renewal their medical cannabis licenses which is required every annually within New York.

“For more than two months individuals were unable to register for cards,” he said. “People were issued temporary registration cards, which some dispensaries were unable to accept.”

Chris claimed that his role as moderator of his role in the NewYorkMMJ subreddit was something that he “accidentally” got into following his transition to a cannabis medical user to cure sciatica.

But his presence being on this subreddit helped him to assist a number people, users added — and also to learn what’s happening to patients who are frustrated by the medical cannabis situation and medical cannabis in New York.

“A number of patients on the subreddit claim they’re returning back on the black market, or the black market” the doctor said.