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Pope Benedict XVI stepped down at age 85. He was the first pope to retire in the history of Gregory XII in 1415.

There are now Vatican observers believe that 85-year-old Francis could soon become the second pope but the pope’s adviser has shrugged away the speculation.

Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga slammed the retirement reports to be nothing more than “cheap soap operas,” according to Religious News Service.

The Holy See as of yet has not provided any indications as to whether the pontiff is looking to give the throne to St. Peter, rather than die in officelike has been the norm for the majority of popes from Rome.

Yet, speculations of the possibility of resignations have been circulating for several months.

In July of last year the pope of Argentina was born. He had the left portion of his colon surgically removed after the course of three hours due to his bowels had narrowed.

Pope Francis’ recent health problems and declining mobility have caused speculation that he may retire.

AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia, File

Since the time Francis’ health has been in a noticeable decline. In the last month Francis has been able to move with a wheelchair, or using an aid, due to knee pain.

The prelate of the octogenarian age does not wish to undergo surgery on his kneereported to have told bishops back in May “Rather instead of operating, I’m going to resign.”

Francis has been candid on his difficulties, stating in his general address last week that people who are elderly should acknowledge their limitations as physical.

“When we’re old it is impossible to perform the same actions as that we did when young. The body operates at an entirely different pace, and we need to be aware of our body and accept its limitations” he explained. “We all have limitations. I also must make use of a walking stick.”

Pope Francis is pushed in wheelchair during an Vatican ceremony on June 18 2022.

Vatican Media/IPA through ZUMA Press

Bishop of Rome is also afflicted with sciatica and this led to him limping prior to the problem in his knee surfaced.

One week prior to the pontiff’s comments on ageing, the Vatican has canceled a planned trip in July to Africa due to his health issues.

The rumor mill regarding Francis’ retirement was sparked into hyperdrive after he scheduled an assembly of cardinals at L’Aquila located in central Italy to take place in the end of August.

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Francis was the predecessor of Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Benedict XVI, stepped down in the year 2013.

Sven Hoppe/Pool via REUTERS

The celebration will commemorate”the “Feast of Forgiveness,” which was created through pope Celestine V on 1294the year in which the 13th-century pope resigned from his position as the head of the Holy See.

The festivities will begin August. 28, the day that comes after Francis plans to choose 21 new cardinals. They can vote in a conclave in the event that they decide to step down from the pope.

Popes are selected through the College of Cardinals, who are invited to the Vatican for a gathering which is followed by the papal election or conclave.

Before Francis the XVI’s successor, Benedict XVI, shocked the world when he announced his retirement in 2013 following eight years of power and visited the grave of Celestine within his church, the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio in L’Aquila.

Benedict was christened for his role as “pope emeritus” following his resignation, remains at Vatican City. He is 95 years old and is the longest-lived pope to hold the title of pope.