Finding the Answer to the Puzzle of Low Back and Hip  Laurel Magazine - The Laurel Magazine of Highlands NC and Cashiers NC

Written by Dr. Sue Aery – Aery Chiropractic and AcupunctureThe issue: July 2022

Controlling lower back discomfort and hip pain requires a shrewd approach and compassionate treatment.

What is the best way to distinguish the difference between lower back tension, sciatica, and hip pain? Let’s begin using our chiropractor and the numerous instruments we have available to identify and resolve these problems. Utilizing the information gathered obtained from an examination and a physical exam, the chiropractor can distinguish from hip discomfort (or discomfort in the socket and ball joint) and its components, including low back and back pain (or spinal restriction), and disc herniation, or an impingement on the sciatic nerve in the buttock. After determining the root of the problem and there aren’t any broken bones, treatment is able to be initiated. It could involve a variety of aspects of chiropractic care and may include highly effective treatments like Tissue Regeneration Therapy/Stem Cell Activation, Acupuncture as well as electric stimulation. Chiropractic manipulation can involve balanc-ing of the pelvis. This eliminates the stress placed at the hip joint. It can also relieve tension on bursae as well as tendons which surround the joint, and reduce the pain to the nerves that travel through the buttocks and form the sciatic nerve that may cause discomfort in the leg.Soft tissues work, like trigger point therapy and myofascial therapy are two of the most commonly used techniques typically by a certified massage therapist, as instructed by the doctor.Next the root of the dysfunction and pain must be identified so that the issue can be eliminated or corrected for the future of health. Some of the most common causes are being sedentary, or sitting too long without stretching , and not focussing on the intricate movements that the hip is able to do. Keep in mind that the hip is a joint that is active that can move in a variety of directions. When we limit the joint of movement, it also restricts the flow of blood to the joint, increasing the rate of degeneration. Hip arthritis is far more frequent now, and more are facing imminent replacement procedures. They can be prevented by taking preventive measures which includes chiropractic care. The lumbopelvic area is associated with the hip joint. It must be taken good to ensure condition of the skeletal system and to prevent the development of arthritis that causes pain.So many painful conditions can be prevented with regular treatment. If you are planning to lead an active lifestyle or are looking to return to this way of life It will require an action and effort to fix the issue and take more health care of your body moving forward. I frequently advise my patients, let’s utilize our body in the way it was intended to be used – and frequently!

By Doctor. Sue Aery, Aery Chiropractic and Acupuncture