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In order to continue our discussion about minimally invasive procedures Dr. Jagannathan joins us live to discuss more details about them with regard in relation to spine as well as sciatica.

The sciatic nerve runs from the back to the lower part of the foot. it’s created from the three lower of the lumbar nerve roots. The irritation on the nerve is generally a sign of a problem that is commonly referred to as sciatica.

The pain typically emanates from the back and behind the hips, and all to the sole of the foot. In some instances patients, they experience only hip pain or leg discomfort.

Some patients even go to getting hip replacements due to the fact that they believe they suffer from degenerative diseases, but it’s really simply an injury to the sciatic nerve.

As we age as we age, the spine is more prone to developing arthritis that targets nerves. Other causes of inflammation of the sciatic nerve can be caused by excessive lifting or a car accident.

The most common method of diagnosing the problem is done via MRI in conjunction with other imaging techniques and nerve studies to identify the issue.

The treatment can be accomplished with minimally invasive surgery to alleviate stress on your nerve.

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