Mike Tyson suffers from a nervous disorder called Sciatica.

“Iron Mike” is among the most famous boxers to ever take to the ring. His knockout victories over famous people like Larry Holmes, Trevor Berbick as well as Michael Spinks have him firmly recognized as one of the best heavyweights ever.

The heavyweight champion of the past has always appeared youthful. Because of his knockouts during his prime and his ferocious demeanor in the ring and beyond and outside the ring, he hasn’t shown any signs of age. But, the time for fatherhood comes to us all.

Mike Tyson currently suffers from a condition that causes nerve pain called Sciatica. The condition leads to the former champion experiencing many lower back discomfort. Because of this, Tyson has had in the use of a chair as well as a walking stick in some instances.

However, he did not let his illness stop him from achieving his goals. Tyson is still regularly training in boxing. He’s also as powerful as ever. This is shown in his Instagram and Twitter pages.

There are many options to treat the disease, Mike Tyson seems to be a big fan of medical marijuana. He has consistently talked about the drug’s benefits and its health benefits. He even launched his own cannabis business a few some time ago.

Does Mike Tyson still box?

Mike Tyson still trains in boxing, but it’s likely that he will not compete once more.

“Iron Mike” first retired from boxing in 2005after defeat in the fight to Kevin McBride. In the year Tyson was able to retire, he said that he was still a great fighter, but despite it as a talent but he wasn’t a fan of boxing no more.

For the past 15 years, he exhibited his lack of enthusiasm for boxing. But, during the COVID-19 epidemic, Tyson found his passion for boxing under the coaching of Rafael Cordeiro. Tyson quickly focused his attention on an exhibition bout and was able to find an opponent, Roy Jones Jr.

The two teams played to a draw in November 2020, however Mike Tyson was praised for his performance. Following the exhibition game Tyson announced his intention to return for a second time, and later suggested Logan along with Jake Paul as possible opponents.

However, neither of these matches came to fruition and the heavyweight champion hasn’t been in the ring since then. Since the time, Tyson has stated that it is unlikely that he will box in a future bout in either professional or exhibition.

It’s not clear the extent to which his nervousness affected his decision to retire yet again, it’s likely that it affected his decision-making. Fortunately, Tyson is still able to exercise and play on the pads and looks as great as ever.

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