Pope Francis washes the feet of 12 Italian prisoners to mark Holy Thursday – America Magazine


VATICAN CITY (AP) -VATICAN CITY (AP) – Pope Francis traveled to a prison in the vicinity of Rome to clean the feet of twelve prisoners as part of a Holy Thursday practice that is a symbol of humility and demonstrates his pontificate’s focus on those living at the marginalized.

He arrived in a procession which included Italian police vehicles, which passed through the gate of the jail in Civitavecchia the port city located 80 km (50 miles) northwest of Rome. The ceremony was not open to the public due to reasons of security and to ensure the privacy of inmates.

Prior to that, during an earlier Holy Thursday Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, Francis instructed the priests who were present not to be focused on the worldly aspects of standing or position, but instead urged the priests to “serve having a good conscience the faithful and holy God’s people.” God.”

Francis did not mention years of scandals involving Catholic priests that sexually abusing children, and were frequently transferred across parishes and bishops trying to avoid embarrassing themselves rather than safeguard children.

A few hours earlier, at an earlier Holy Thursday Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, Francis told the priests who were who were present to not focus on the world and concerns like the power or status.

It is a year of celebrations. Holy Week celebrations come as the pope has been struggling to overcome mobility problems. Francis has pain from knee ligament issues and is suffering from sciatica, nerve inflammation that can affect the back and legs.

At Holy Thursday Mass Holy Thursday Mass, large oil urns are blessed to be used in ceremonies at churches in the Rome region. When Francis decided to pray for the blessing of oil, breathing in it and then a aide assisted him to take his seat and proceed towards the silver container. After the ritual, Francis was able to walk towards the altar while by securing himself to the arm of an assistant as he in his walk from the basilica.

It is unclear what the Vatican did not specify what arrangements were made to allow the pope to conduct the foot-washing ceremony.

Holy Week, which draws thousands of worshippers to the Vatican It began in the form of Palm Sunday Mass on April 10 in St. Peter’s Square and concludes in Easter Sunday, on which Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus.

The Holy Week celebrations come as Pope Francis is suffering from mobility issues. Francis has pain from knee ligament issues and has for a long time had sciatica-related issues.

This year it is this year, the Good Friday torch-lit Way of the Cross procession in Rome is returning to its original site at the historic Colosseum following a two-year hiatus caused by the outbreak of coronavirus.

The Vatican has invited two people, a Russian woman and one Ukrainian woman who are both employed in the same Rome hospital and carry a cross in the procession. The decision has angered a few Ukrainians as well as Ukraine’s ambassador to Holy See as well as Kyiv’s archbishop. Kyiv. The main issue they have is the issue of whether a gesture that appears to be suggesting reconciliation, is appropriate considering Russia’s aggression against its neighbour Ukraine and the ongoing war against Ukraine’s inhabitants.

The Vatican continues with the procession’s roster of participants who alternate carrying a cross that is lightweight in the procession. The procession is led by the pontiff. The procession is a reminder of Jesus crucified death.