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Do you have trouble sitting for long periods of time? Take a cushion for your tailbone that is lightweight to take with you wherever you travel. Find out more about how these cushions will benefit you.
Tailbone cushions ease the pressure placed on the tailbone.
Published on April 14, 2022, 07:35 PM ISL

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ByShreya Garg

Are you struggling to remain in a single position for long periods of time? Do you find that sitting in your car chair or office chair increase the pain in your tailbone? Consider using tailbone pillows. They are designed to ease the stress on your tailbone and offer you supreme comfort when you sit for long periods of time. Made from memory foam, they are available in various forms and colours for you to pick according to your preferences. Additionally, these cushions assist you in sitting in a healthy and correct position for hours. They can help you get relief from sciatica and provide the hips with enough support. They are light and can take them wherever you are. For instance, you could put them on top of your seats on flights, wheelchairs or sofas.

They are readily available online . To assist you make the right choice we’ve compiled a few of them in our selection below. All of them have an anti-skid base to stop the cushion from moving out of its position. The cushion covers can be washed and also soak up sweat quickly. For a closer look at our options look below.

Orthowala(r) Orthopedic Coccyx Cushion Tailbone Support and Sciatica Support for the hip joint that relieves pain

This cushion to support the tailbone is made of moulded Pu foam. It’s semicircular and comes in blue. It is light and can be put on a bench, chair or airplane seat the floor, and even a wheelchair to give incredible support for sitting. It can be used to use it to sit on wooden chairs as well as uncomfortably office chair by putting it on your seat. It can also be helpful when you feel pain in your the hips and legs.


Dr. Trust (USA) Non-slip Orthopedic Coccyx Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone and Sciatica Help with Hip Pain Relief

The cushion is constructed of memory foam and is semi-circular in shape. The cushion’s cover is made from breathable material which helps to absorb sweat and offer the ultimate level of comfort. It is available in black color the unique cut-out in the cushion reduces stress on the backbone and allows you to maintain a healthy posture throughout the day.


Afovera’s Memory Foam Coccyx Coccyx Seat Coccyx Cushion For Tailbone Pain Relief in Home and Office Chair (L Over 80kg., Black Mesh)

The seat cushion made from memory foam comes in a variety of colors. It’s light and semicircular in shape. Its cover is constructed of air mesh, which is anti-sweat and is finely stitched. It can be washed too. It comes with an anti-slip base that aids to keep the cushion in its position. The cushion is great for backbone pain relief. You can use it for any seat – whether it’s airplane seats, office chairs and more.


Pharmaceutical Orthopedic Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion for Tailbone Pain Relief – for Home and Office Chairs (M less than 80kg (Black Mesh)

This cushion is available in black color and is composed of memory foam. It has a U-cut pattern and is created to provide support to the coccyx (triangular bone structure in the lower part of spinal column) and to prevent discomfort. In addition, it’s anti-skid. The exterior cover of the cushion is cleaned.


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