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vibration plate that can help you recover and relax. For only a short period the price is only $150 (Reg. $224).

We test our bodies lots of. Even a little exercise or game can cause you to be sore. It’s the LifePro Waver can help you get your body in shape for full-body fitness. With a few easy exercises, you’ll be able to boost blood flow, increase circulation, shield your nerves, and relax joints that are stiff. With 99 options to pick from, there’s plenty of room to discover the right vibration that’s right for both your body as well as you. These adjustments are made via remote control, meaning you don’t have to interrupt your exercise.

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Although the LifePro cannot replace a physician or physical therapist however, the feeling of relief can make the wait between appointments much more manageable. One user wrote “Eliminates the tension and trauma that I feel by RLS, sciatica, and neuropathy in my leg after just 10 minutes of using.”

In some instances, vibration exercise equipment such as those from LifePro have been proven to aid in losing weight. Its LifePro Mini is just two feet in length at its largest position, and it can even be placed under desks, or even in the back seat of your vehicle.

You can give your body a workout using a device does not require you to change out of your bathrobe in order to make use of. For a short period you can purchase the LifePro Waver Mini Vibration Plate Exercise Machine for just $150 (Reg. $224).

Prices are subject to change.

Relax your muscles by using this compact and powerful vibration machine

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