Dr. Hung K. Lee is seen in the clinic he runs in Solvang.

By Dr. Hyun K. Lee

Contributing Writer

Sciatica is a real discomfort in the buttocks that people suffer from, but the good news is that most people are able to recover within the shortest amount of time, and acupuncture can aid in the pain. Sciatica is a frequently reported complaint. The statistics show that around 40% of the population living in the United States experience sciatica sometime throughout their lives.

Sciatic nerve is the longest and broadest nerve within the body of a human. It starts from the back of the back and runs down the buttock and along the leg. It also provides sensation to the foot and leg. Since it is such a big nerve that it is more vulnerable to injury than other nerves.

Sciatica symptoms are characterized by numbness, pain, muscles weakening, difficulty controlling leg movement as well as sensations of pins and needles or tingling. It can also be difficult moving, walking bent over and/or dragging the legs. A few people report the discomfort as intense shots, jolts, or flashes of pain. Others describe the pain as electric, burning or stabbing.

The most common reason for sciatica is caused by sciatica is due to the spine and sacrum becoming in a state of imbalance that causes gaps between vertebrae. If you move or experience any kind of movement, the nerve is likely to become pinched and causes the above-mentioned symptoms. However, the reason behind the imbalance of the spine and sacrum is due to weak muscles that don’t support straight bones due to the weakness of organ function.

Every organ has its own muscles within the body. If the organs are weak and weak, the “job performance” isn’t as good and they’re no performing the tasks they’re supposed to be doing. If your muscles aren’t doing enough in keeping your bones in place, you’ll start to see difficulties everywhere. This is why some sufferers still experience pain after surgery is completed to alleviate pain from sciatica.

Acupuncture helps to balance the organs, so that the muscles are able to be able to support the bones correctly. After a brief period your structure will be aligned and straight, thus alleviating the pressure on Sciatic nerve.

People who suffer from acute pain or sciatica caused by pregnancy, may only require a couple of sessions before finding relief. For those who suffer from chronic sciatica might require at least one to three months of therapy. For those with chronic sciatica Acupressure acupuncture works to regulate the central nerves which connect through the sciatic nerve as well as regulate liver and kidney functions which are stressed . They result in weak muscles and have also caused circulation issues. The herbs are also recommended to relieve stress on organs as well as to feed muscles more effectively and flush out toxins in addition. The acupuncture helps to restore mechanical functioning, and the herbs are used internally to help with long-term muscle and organ longevity.

If you’re sciatica is the result of an accident-related injury and you’ve already had surgery, acupuncture could aid in recovery and alleviate any discomfort.

If you’re sciatica is chronic or acute it is not a reason to endure discomfort as acupuncture can be effective in removing the issue and helping to restore your health.

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