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Vitamin C as well as E can be present in the celery.
Aloe vera juice can provide relief for sciatica.
The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic can help to relieve pain.

Sciatica Treatments for Pain Sciatica pain may be caused by an issue with the sciatic nerve. In this situation there’s a risk of severe pain and numbness extending from the lower part of the waist down to feet. Because of this, the lower region of the body may be rendered useless. It is possible to consider pain in the lower portion of your body as normal due to weakness or fatigue However, the lack of care could be a burden for you. The issue of sciatica pain is most often experienced by those who are older and the likelihood of suffering from this issue is greater in people who smoke, are overweight or genetics, a unhealthy lifestyles, and heavy weight. To prevent this issue it is essential to identify the signs of sciatica to be able to treat it at the right time.

Signs and symptoms of sciatica pain

stylecrase In this case it is believed that the pain from sciatica remains in the hips, waist and the legs. There is a sensation of tingling between the waist and the feet. Here are some remedies at home that can help reduce the discomfort of sciatica-

Treat it with milk from garlic

Garlic is anti-inflammatory, and may aid in the reduction of irritation of sciatic nerve. To prepare it cook the garlic in water and milk and add honey and taste it when it’s lukewarm. It is recommended to consume it two times every day.

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Because of the properties that relieve pain of ginger, it aids in overcoming the issue of sciatica. To make it work make a mixture of ginger oil and olive oil, and rub it over the area that is painful.


Turmeric aids in healing injuries or problems in the sciatic nerve. To use it, make an oil in which you mix sesame oils and turmeric, and then massage it into the paste.

Celery juice

Vitamin C and E is both found in celery, and have been proven to be beneficial for treating sciatica. To prepare it, make juice by mixing honey with celery as well as water. The juice can be consumed at least twice per day.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera juice can provide relief from sciatica and assists in decreasing inflammation. It is also possible to apply aloe vera gel to treat the pain-prone area. The use of it can ease discomfort.

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