A Chiropractor Explains How to Reduce Neck Pain Immediately The Chiropractor explains how to relieve neck pain as soon as possible. SheFinds

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been sleeping in a weird posture or just spend the entire the day looking at your smartphone there are many problems that could cause discomfort in your neck, both literally and metaphorically. The pain of neck can be a real pain and uncomfortable, regardless of whether it’s an occasional occurrence or a recurring. But, you don’t need to feel helpless whenever it occurs; there are a variety of ways you can reduce the pain and get relief as soon as you can.

To receive professional advice on how to restore your neck’s comfort as quickly as possible We spoke with chiropractor Matt Cavanaugh. He advised us to use cold and heat, doing some basic stretches and adding painkillers to the mix are great options to consider. Find out more here!

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1. Apply Ice and/or Heat

It turns out that the combination of ice and heat can help ease pain, especially when combined. In order to apply the heat to your neck, the doctor. Cavanaugh recommends filling rice with a sock and then tying the ends in a knot before placing it in the microwave. “The duration of the microwave depends on how much rice you’re using,” he says. In any case, he states that “the heating will reduce stiffness and pain by increasing the flow of blood around the area , while also reducing stiffness and pain.”

There’s also the option of the option of. “If you don’t like heat You can make use of an zip lock bag with frozen. Ice can reduce inflammation and reduce the nerves, which can temporarily ease pain,” Dr. Cavanaugh says. He explains that inflammation is a crucial aspect of healing as it’s “the body’s way to send the cells required to repair damaged tissues.” But, too much inflammation over a long period of time can result in major issues. “That’s why switching between these two therapies is ideal,” he says.


2. Stretching Exercises

If you are suffering from chronic neck pain, then you might need to incorporate stretching into your daily routine. “When we stare at our smartphones our muscles of the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) as well as the muscles of the scalene in the neck are continuously active,” Dr. Cavanaugh says. “This could cause an increase in tension, pain and stiffness of the neck because of the pressure that they exert because they pull your head upwards.” It is good to know that stretching can help to solve this problem. He suggests turning your head one side and the other, facing upwards and lower your shoulder on the opposite side to loosen those muscles. Make sure to do it on the opposite side!


3. Over-the-counter pain Medication

You are able to stretch and apply the heat however much you’d like, but at times you’ll have to take painkillers. The doctor Dr. Cavanaugh recommends Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen. Both can help reduce inflammation and ease discomfort. Make sure you check with your doctor prior to taking an over-the counter medication to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with any other medication you’re taking.

It’s also crucial to understand that like the doctor Dr. Cavanaugh notes, “These drugs are only an over-the-counter treatment for the issue that caused the neck discomfort in the first place.”

If your neck pain is persistent It could be something that you cannot fix by yourself. “In order to achieve long-lasting alleviation, chiropractic care or physical therapy should be employed together to address the root causes of the neck discomfort,” he concludes.