Are you looking for Cervical Disk Surgery to relieve neck pain (WKBT:


LA Crosse (WKBT) neck pain is a frequent issue that affects a lot of adults. It can make every day activities difficult, such as driving in a car or working at a computer.

The Dr. Navid Kherizi, a Mayo Clinic Health System neurosurgeon explained that pain can be caused by muscle strain or structural issues to the cervical vertebrae or disks.

Although stretching, rest and massages can be helpful however, surgery is an alternative when pain continues to be a problem.

“When I meet someone who is suffering from back pain, I’d like to determine where they stand in the range. What is the length of time that this pain has been lingering and is it radiating through their arms and what therapies were they given,” Khezri said.

An cervical disk replacement surgery that was recently FDA approved , allows for almost full movement.

It helps maintain flexibility and motion in your neck while taking less strain off your backbones and other vertebrae.

Khezri suggests talking with your doctor to determine the best treatment for you.

Find out more details about the procedure on the Mayo website.