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Image Source: FREEPIK Use these suggestions and put an end to your neck discomfort

Neck pain is often accompanied by stiff necks, but it’s not always the case. It could be the result of long hours of sitting on your back in a slouche over your computer. The discomfort is mostly caused by bad posture. However, the more significant problem is not noticing it and allowing it to get worse. The cause of neck pain is typically muscles, tendons and ligaments, which are commonly thought of as soft tissues within as well as around your neck. spine (the cervical). To avoid neck pain, you must make easy changes to your daily routine . Also, ensure that your head is aligned with your spine.

Tips to rid yourself the neck pain

1. Give your back some time

Even having an ergonomic office layout sitting in one place without breaks is the main reason for back and neck discomfort. This is particularly a problem for those who no longer within the office cubicle. Try to be up every 30 minutes even if it’s just to stretch.

2. Beware of carrying heavy loads on your shoulders.

Avoid carrying heavy backpacks on your shoulders and even your hands. The weight could stress your shoulders and cause neck pain.

3. Neck Stretch

Put your hand gently to one side of the head. Apply a little pressure on your head to move it towards the side. Do this for about 5-10 seconds before repeating with the other side.

4. Do yourself a hug and bear hug

Make sure to give yourself a hug. Make sure you cross your arms by placing one hand in your left side, and you left arm on the right shoulder. Breathe deeply and exhale, releasing all tension from your back just between your shoulder blades.

5. Do not use pillows

If neck pain does not go off, consider lying on a smooth, flat surface without the use of a pillow. When you remove pillows, this helps keep your head in a straight position and it eases the pressure on your neck.

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6. Chin Tucks

Lean your head slowly forward while tucking your chin. Keep that posture for approximately five minutes. Then, slowly lift your head, and then look toward the ceiling. Keep that same position for around five minutes.

7. Lifestyle Changes in lifestyle

Be active. If you do not move a lot, you should raise your activity levels. Do not smoke as it could increase the chance of developing neck pain.

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