House committee hears of death, pain, and trauma caused by speedy law enforcement prosecutions |  Local news

She told the House Public Safety Committee that any legislation that evolves from her study should ensure officials abide by guidelines and are held accountable. The widowed mother of three said attorneys told her that under state law, she or someone else could get a maximum of $ 175,000 from a wronged homicide lawsuit against OHP.

“That’s it. Look at your spouse and tell me you would give him up for $ 175,000,” Bruckman said. “Tell me you would raise your children for $ 175,000 alone; that you would every anniversary, birthday , Father’s Day, and Holiday for $ 175,000 at your spouse’s grave.

“No. It’s not worth any amount of money, but certainly not $ 175,000.”

A person who suffered serious injuries after being hit at high speed by a fleeing driver pursued by Oklahoma City police in March 2020 also shared their traumatic experience.

Taletha Henderson said she and her brother were in excruciating pain afterwards and had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance. She got away with a concussion and headache and neck pain, while her brother suffered a broken shoulder.

Henderson said she later looked up the refugee and found he had nonviolent drug charges – “very important” but “nothing violent” to justify a quick chase that puts other people at risk. She described her struggle to pay her medical bills and car, which are not insured because the refugee did not have insurance.