I have big boobs - my simple hack stops neck pain in halter neck swimwear

A FASHION influencer has shared her simple tip for preventing neck pain while wearing halter neck swimwear.

The content creator recommended the style hack to her bigger-busted followers.

TikTok user Ashley shared her simple style hack for reducing neck pain while wearing halter neck swimwearCredit: TikTok/superashley127

TikTok user Ashley (@superashley127) explained: “I saw the string bikini hack years ago on TikTok and I assumed everybody kind of knew it.

“I’m bringing it back in case you don’t because it really is life changing,” she added.

Ashley aimed her video at all women but especially those that “have bigger boobs and [the halter straps] get kind of heavy or if you’re like me and you get neck and shoulder pain a lot.”

The content creator modeled a colorful string bikini with a halter neckline as she demonstrated the hack.

She said: “Traditionally, we just tie [the halter straps] at the back [of the neck] but this sitting on your neck all day can get really painful, especially the bigger your boobs are.

“Just take these top strings and tie them to the bottom in a knot and it will no longer weigh down on your neck,” Ashley advised.

In the comments section, she added: “Just tie it around in a regular knot. Double knot if you want extra security.”

After showing her followers a before and after of the fashion hack, Ashley concluded: “Still looks great and you won’t have any neck pain.

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“This hack is life-changing,” she explained to her followers.

The content creator was inspired to share her expertise after a viewer commented on her swimwear haul.

“I love Shein swimsuits. I just hate that I mainly see halters and my boobs are way too heavy,” the TikTok user wrote.

Ashley’s other followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the advice.

“I wonder if you can cross them in the back to the opposite side,” suggested one viewer.

Another person said: “Honestly this just digs into my shoulders real bad when I would do this.”

“I love to do that, but i cross them in the back,” commented a third TikTok user.

The content creator advised her bigger-busted followers to avoid tying their bikini strings in a halter styleCredit: TikTok/superashley127