We all know that everyone has bad posture, whether it’s from working at a desk or slumping while viewing TV or the biggest cause, looking on our smartphones.

Whatever the reason, neck pain is commonplace.

Today’s exercise is a neck stretch that’s four ways. All you require is a chair that sits up straight and tall.

This will not only relax the neck muscles, but it will also relax the muscles in the surrounding areas like shoulders, chest and back.

Begin by sitting straight and then roll the shoulders back and down. Your body should be upright and straight to the front.

Begin in a lean position, leaning towards one direction, then aiming at your shoulder with your ear. Move as the distance you are comfortable with and then add a gentle pressure using your fingers. Keep this position for approximately 20 minutes. Thenslowly release then repeat on the opposite side.

When each side is done Continue to press your chin toward your chest in the same technique, (gentle press with fingers).

Reverse your steps slowly by tilting your head back towards the sky. You could overexaggerate this movement by lifting your chin toward the sky.

After having completed all four positions, and holding them for at least 20 seconds, each one starts the rotation again.

It is fantastic to practice on a regular basisto ease tension and stress.

This exercise is great to do following exercise for the upper body.

However, this exercise will help improve posture and ease all the discomforts and aches!

Marlo Alleva is a fitness coordinator at Fontaine-Gill YMCA, can be reached via [email protected]