Simple exercises can reset your nervous system and recovers beach, migraines as well as neck discomfort Neck pain, migraines and beach aches Daily Mail

Reset your nerves in a matter of seconds to alleviate headaches and neck shoulders, back tension: “This actually does work’

  • Simple exercises help restore the nervous system

  • It is activated by vagus nerve

A wellness and health expert has provided a very easy workout you can perform to reset your body’s nervous system.

Taime who goes by the name of Sacronaut on the internet, stated that the exercise can ease migraines, headaches, tension and pain, and can even ease anxiety.

The 31-year old said the workout helps to stimulate and reset the vagus nerve that regulates body functions such as digestion heart rate, digestion as well as the immune system.

He explained his method of resetting the nerve by placing your hands on your head, keeping your eyes forward , and keeping your eyes towards the left and right until you notice an involuntary yawn, or sigh.

Fans of Taime were astonished that the trick actually worked since many of them said they had their headaches getting better after doing the exercise.

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A wellness Expert, Taime (pictured) has provided a simple workout to reset the nervous system to ease headaches, migraines and tension in the neck, back and shoulders

“This is a breeze to use, it helps relieve headaches, migraines, shoulder back pain and neck back tension, etc. amazing and works in a way,’ Taime said in a TikTok video.

He suggested that you first stand straight and then tilt your head to the right , then towards the left.

“Notice any discomfort or pain in your neck, shoulders or back”, he stated.

Taime was then instructed to lock your fingers, then place your hands over your head.

While keeping your head still and looking straight ahead, turn your eyes towards the right.

“You’re going to keep doing this until you’ve got an involuntary yawn , or a long sigh”, Taime explained.

He advised you to put your hands on your head while keep your face straight, turn your gaze to the right until you blink or let out an exaggerated sigh, then keep turning towards the left

What is the role of the nervous system? do you think it needs to be reset?

The nervous system of your body is the central command center for your body. It is the one that controls all of our daily activities which includes:

  • Basic tasks such as breathing and looking.
  • Complex processes like reading, thinking, or experiencing emotions.
  • The system detects threats, whether real or imagined, and initiating a fight-flight-freeze reaction.

Controlling the nervous system is an integral part of somatic therapy, an holistic approach to healing work that is designed to help a person heal through physical and mental exercises.

Although you won’t be able to completely reset the nervous system’s balance however, you can try to restore it using relaxation techniques and other methods which can aid in restoring the balance.



“Sometimes it can take one minute, but it could be as long as three minutes. It can last up to thirty seconds.’

He instructed him to do the same thing with a look towards the left.

“Now, what you’re going do is repeat the same action as you’ve done before, and move your head as much as you can and then turn it back,’ Taime said.

“This time, you’ll observe that your head is turning to the left.

Taime claims that this simple trick will help you get rid of migraines and headaches and also tension in necks and shoulders.

Resetting your vagus nerve can be extremely helpful. I experience tension headaches most often on my right side. As when I reset my vagus nerve using this technique the headache goes away totally,’ the doctor added.

Seven ways to restore your nervous system

1. Deep breathing exercises are a good practice.

When we take long, slow breath in a calm, relaxed way, we are signaling the parasympathetic nerve systems to relax and restore our mental and emotional state. It may also assist in letting release anxiety and stress.

2. Take a two-minute cold shower

Cold exposure can calm the vagus nerve, which is the primary nerve in your parasympathetic nervous system and can help you regain balance.

3. Relax in hot water for a while

In warm baths or in a sauna can reduce inflammation.

4. Shake it off

Active movement can help relieve the tension, trauma and stress, and help to calm your nervous system into an equilibrium state through the burning of the adrenaline and dissolving muscular tension.

5. Make use of a blanket with a weight.

A blanket with a weight that’s 10 percent of your body’s weight can assist in creating a sense of peace and tranquility.

6. Cuddle with a furry companion

The body produces the hormone called oxytocin known as the ‘cuddle hormone’. It may lower cortisol levels which is the main stress hormone found in the body.

7. Set your phone to not disturb’

Shut off your cell phone and relax with a hobby like knitting or gardening. The constant use of your smartphone can cause stress and overstimulation. out.



It’s amazing what you can do once you are conscious of the body’s functions.

The clip has been watched over 8.6million times. Many viewers attempted to use it themselves with different outcomes.

“Unexpectedly, I was surprised when it decreased how loud my voice is!’ One woman wrote.

“Not only has it helped with back pains, it also helped the neck. also made me did a shallow breath and immediately breathed again It was A second response.

“I’m unable to move my neck. I’ve suffered from anxiety for a long time. I feel a lot of pain in the lower part of my skull just above my neck. I’m amazed that this actually worked according to another.

“What kind of sorcery is this? I was immediately helped by a fourth person,’ said a fourth.

However, not everyone was persuaded, as one person said”It made my eyes get sore when I looked at the side, no smile or sigh or whatever’.

“Okay, but why did I feel dizzy when looking towards the side using the eyes?’ Someone else inquired to whom Taime responded: ‘I was dizzy and could feel prickles on my hands for about a moment’.