Suffer Back Pain? Try the Ekrin The 365-Moist Gun for Your Most Effective ... It's called Women Love Tech

The pain of neck and back is definitely something you would not want to see on someone else. Recently, I went to visit my parents, who both are suffering from constant back or neck pain. However, the time was different as I used an effective weapon to aid them in easing their pain.

You can try the Ekrin 365 method to ease muscles

The Ekrin Athletics 365 model is created to ease the muscles that are tight and uncomfortable with their lightweight, easy-to-grip massage guns.

Easy to use and designed ergonomically The brand’s entry-level massager is great for use at home – and after having it used on me as well as my grandparents, I am able to guarantee that it was a massive sensation and instantly brought relief to tight and sore muscles.

With its long and slim handle, you can utilize it to reach at the back of your neck as well as an arch in your back and run it along the spine for a massage of the lower back. I could use it to massage my mom’s shoulders and neck. I afterwards, I used the massage gun to myself to relieve lower back discomfort. The relief that it brought was immense.

It is packaged in an easy-to-carry bag, so you can easily pack it and also has an electronic control that can be accessed from the base of the handle. It has four different speeds , so you can select which one best suits your needs. We noticed that the speed with the highest speed produced less vibration when used to massage your muscles that are sore. It does produce noise, but that’s an affordable price to get the benefits by using it.

There are four attachments, including a ball cone, fork, and the flat head that can be used to suit various parts of your body. Forks are great to move the spine and the cone is ideal for all-round use. After charging, the device will last up to four hours of battery life and is extremely light to carry around, weighing 1.7 Ibs which means you are able to use it longer without getting tired.

This is not surprising, as it is a favorite for women since it lighter and has an elongated handle that makes it easier to use than the other massage tools available on the market.

Another advantage is its price at just $179.99. You can purchase the product here: