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No matter if you’re suffering from neck pain due to working on your computer for hours, scrolling through your phone, or suffering from a serious injury or illness sleeping on can be a factor. We spend around a third of our all-day time asleep. The most effective pillow for neck discomfort is one that holds your neck and head straight and straight, something chiropractors refer to as neutral alignment. When your mattress is high or low, or not suitable for your body and sleeping position, it could aggravate neck pain, or cause new soreness and stiffness. the Joint Chiropractic’s Kevin Lees, DC

The positive news is: “People with neck pain frequently find that switching to a more comfortable pillow can make a day and night change,” adds James D. Lin, MD, spine surgeon and an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at the the Icahn School for Medicine of Mount Sinai. But here’s the thing there’s no single most effective neck pillow. “Finding the ideal pillow is similar to getting the right set of pants,” Dr. Lin suggests. “There could be a few mishaps before you can find the ideal pillow to suit your needs.” The ideal choice for you will be based on your body’s shape, size, as well as your sleeping position and the type of fill material you like.

In order to make our choices we spoke to three experts who included an chiropractor and a spine as well as neck surgeon. We selected the best neck pillows on the basis of shape filling materials, their firmness and support.

These are our top choices for the top pillows to relieve neck discomfort.

The Recommendations We Make

Why We Like It: The Original pillow uses hypoallergenic, memory-foam-and-microfiber fill, which you can take out or add in for a thicker or thinner pillow, depending on your needs.

It’s Important to Note: It may be too soft for people who prefer a firmer cushion.

The best option for a pillow to relieve neck discomfort is Coop The Original from Coop Home Goods due to its flexibility. It’s one thing that our three experts agreed on: There isn’t any one-size-fits-all pillow for neck pain sufferers. Your body’s shape, sleep position, and your personal discomfort points all contribute to the best fit for you. That’s why the adjustable nature that this cushion by Coop Home Goods is your all-around best option.

This Original Pillow comes standard with an adequate loft. But it also has an opening for zippers so that you can pull out a bit of the filling to create an even more slender pillow, or even add additional fill from the additional half-pound of fill to create an even more loft. Therefore, if your sleeping posture or pain points shift it is possible to adjust the same pillow without having to buy a brand new one.

What differentiates it from other pillows that are adjustable is the fact that Coop Original is the only one that Coop Original is filled with medium-firm filling made of microfiber and memory foam. In addition to the body-conforming properties of memory foam however, it’s also hypoallergenic as well as GREENGUARD Gold as well as CertiPUR-US(r) approved, meaning that it’s unlikely to cause irritation.

Although, it’s expensive for a pillow, however since it’s adjustable and will adapt to your preferences as time passes, we believe it’s worth it.

Price at the time of publication: $72.

Product details:

  • Materials used to fill in:Memory foam and microfiber
  • firmnessMedium
  • Shape: Rectangular

Courtesy of Layla

Why We Love The Layla Kapok Pillow: The Layla Kapok Pillow is a medium-firm high-loft mattress that helps keep those who sleep on their sides higher and more in line with their spine thanks to the hypoallergenic filling of memory foam as well as the natural Kapok fibers.

It’s worth noting: This pillow is ideal for those who sleep on their sides, but it is not the ideal choice for back or stomach sleepers.

For those who sleep on their sides, they need an extra high level of loft (often 5 inches or more) for them to raise their head higher and bring it aligned with their spine Our experts suggest. This laya Kapok pillow is made of shredded memory foam and soft natural Kapok fibres (all made of CertiPur US certified) giving it a soft and airy feeling while providing support. Kapok has a smooth like cotton texture that is perfect for pillows as it naturally keeps moisture out. The pillow is moderate firmness, which is ideal for people who prefer to sleep on their side, but it is also possible to pull out a bit of the filling if you need something softer.

The pillow comes with a trial, so you are able to return it if you don’t like your preferences for sleep and comes with the five-year guarantee.

Price as of publication $109

Product details:

  • Fill Material: Memory foam and Kapok fibers
  • Medium FirmnessMedium
  • Shape: Rectangular

Courtesy of Casper

Why We Love The design: Casper’s unique design ensures that this Original Pillow soft yet supportive as well as the lower loft of the filling made of down is perfect to keep your head from becoming too elevated when you sleep with your stomach.

It’s worth noting: It may not be enough firm for certain individuals.

We’re sorry to announce the news to stomach sleepers However, Lees states that to sleep on your stomach not the best posture on your neck. Even if you’ve got the correct pillow, sleeping on your stomach can cause your head to rotate towards the opposite side, which will probably cause neck pain in the future. If you’re a sleeper on your stomach and want to learn how to lie in the back or side could ease neck pain better than the proper pillow.

But that using too high of an a mattress while lying on your stomach may cause discomfort. Instead the doctor. Lin recommends opting for smaller pillows so that your head doesn’t get too high in relation to your body. The adored Original Casper Pillow, the top-selling sleep product of the company down-alternative fill and has an elongated profile to ensure that your head is relaxed, however, it isn’t lifted when you lie in a stomach position.

This pillow also features Casper’s unique pillow-within-a-pillow design to maintain support on the inside and softness on the outside. Additionally, it features an breathable cotton weave that will keep you cool during the night.

Casper also provides a 30-night trial of sleeping and provides excellent customer service in the event that you aren’t satisfied with the purchase. Plus, this cushion comes with a one-year guarantee.

Price as of publication Price at time of publication: $65

Product details:

  • Material to fill: Down alternative
  • SoftnessSoft to Medium
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Trial or Guarantee:30-night sleep trial and one-year guarantee


Why We Love The design: This cervical pillow style helps to support the head and supports the neck when lying in your back.

It’s worth noting: The polyester fiber filling could retain heat, and therefore might not be suitable for hot sleepers.

Back sleepers should consider an elongated pillow to maintain your neck’s natural curve as explained by the New Jersey resident Rahul Shah MD who is a board certified orthopaedic spine and neck doctor. It’s the Casper Original Low Loft Pillow which is our choice to sleep on your stomach, can fit well for back sleepers too. However, the doctor. Shah says that many people who sleep on their back are also fond of the cut-out pillow because it aids in cradling their head.

The cervical pillow by Core Products is a simple style with a central cranny for your head. It features a slim and firm bolster at the bottom that supports the natural curvature of your neck for those with smaller frame and a bigger and more firm bolster on the top for those who have a larger frame. The elevated sides keep your head firmly in as well. This pillow is firm and provides support and support for your neck. But, the polyester fiber filling may hold heat.

Be aware that a cervical pillow cut out could take some the body time to adapt to it. For the first time, you can alternate using an old-fashioned pillow every at night during the first two weeks. If you frequently sleep on your back during sleeping, this pillow not suitable for you because it’s not made to be used for sleeping on your side in any way.

Price as of publication at the time of publication: $46

Product details:

  • Filling materialPolyester fiber
  • firmnessVery firm
  • Form:Cut-out cervical pillow
  • Trial or promise:100 100 % satisfaction assurance

With the permission from Amazon.

Why We Love The product: The Purple Harmony Pillow was designed with care and thoughtfulness. It features a an internal grid structure that is unique and a hypoallergenic latex core that will help support your neck and head in any position of sleep.

It’s worth noting: This pillow is quite expensive however they do provide the option of a trial period of 100 nights.

We’re aware that $179 is an expensive price for pillows. For that price you’ll get a near-perfect design that’s enough even if you’ve tried numerous pillows with not much avail.

Purple’s pillows feature a unique honeycomb grid that’s been specially created and engineered to give the neck and head with support as well as maximum airflow. The unique design gives you an incredibly comfortable and supportive environment right from the moment you lie down, and is able to respond if you move about during the night. The grid is combined with the highest quality Talalay latex that Purple claims won’t cause irritation to allergies in the same way that natural rubber latex can. Talalay latex has the properties of contouring memory foam, yet is much cooler. Because of the internal materials, this pillow will not get flat with time or over use, neither will it become sagging with use. The pillow is ideal for hot sleepers due to the breathable and moisture-wicking cover that prevents the body from getting too hot.

This pillow is also available in three sizes to let you choose which is the best one for you. The Low is generally ideal in stomach as well as back sleepers. The Medium is ideal for side or combination sleepers who have moderate frames, and the tall is ideal for those who sleep side or combination with a larger or extra-large frames. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, talk to an Purple sleep expert who will assist you in deciding.

Although you’ll pay quite a bit of money for this mattress, the company gives a sleep trial of 100 nights in case you think it doesn’t meet the expectations.

Price as of publication at the time of publication: $161

Product details:

  • Materials used to fill in:Talalay latex
  • Medium FirmnessMedium
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Trial or Guarantee:100-night sleep trial


Why We Like It: For back sleepers, side sleepers, and back/side hybrid sleepers, this ergonomically-designed cervical pillow helps cradle your natural spine alignment.

It’s worth noting: This dense pillow could be too firm for some.

Cervical pillows, with a an elevated edge and a lower center, offer more support than flat pillows, Lees explains. The shape of this one will help you cradle your head, while stretching your neck as you sleep.

We are awestruck by the Cervical pillow, since it’s made of circular memory foam (with an infusion of gel to help keep your at a comfortable temperature) and was designed by an in-house ergonomicist to provide the proper support and alignment. It comes with a sloping neck ramp to the lowest portion of your C-spine. It also has an arched cushion that relieves upper neck pressure, as well as an oval head basin to allow to allow natural alignment when lying down. It offers special features to accommodate back or side sleepers. The pillow features an angled shoulder cushion that helps ensure that back asleep people from rolling their shoulders in the middle of the night. The pillow also has an elevated face support on the wings to help side sleepers.

A cervical pillow’s additional support could cause discomfort for certain individuals and cause more soreness. Therefore, if you’re the first time using a cervical cushion is a good idea to search for one that has the option of a sleep-trial that’s refundable. It’s the case that Cushion Lab offers a 30-day refund guarantee in the event that this cervical pillow is too supportive for your needs.

Price at the time of publication $59

Product details:

  • Materials used to fill in:Memory foam
  • FirmnessFirm
  • Form:Cervical
  • Trial or the guarantee:30-day money-back guarantee

Why We Love it The TEMPURNeck Pillow makes use of a proprietary memory foam that helps support and mold around your neck. It comes with two bolsters of different sizes that you can choose between based on your sleeping preferences and three sizes to accommodate different body types.

It’s Important to Note: It may be too supportive for people who sleep sideways.

Memory foam is shaped to fit the contours of your neck which can improve the contour of the pillow, according to doctor. Shah. We are awestruck by our TEMPUR-Neck memory foam Pillow because it’s well-designed and has a firm feeling to keep its shape. There are two different pillows that can be used to create an upper or lower head angle, based on your preferred sleeping position and the pain points.

Instead of a cut-out for the head it has an incline across the middle for the head’s to lie upon, meaning it’s most suitable for people who sleep on their side. Remember that Tempurpedic does not offer an opportunity to try it out for a trial which means if you do not prefer sleeping on your back it’s probably not the right one for you.

This pillow comes in three sizes: small medium, large, and small–for various body shapes. The medium size is the largest having the highest height of 4.75 inches and the smaller at the lowestloft of 3 inches.

This Tempurpedic pillow is also backed by a five years of warranty to ensure the quality.

Price as when it was published: $119

Product details:

  • Materials used to fill in:Memory foam
  • Extra FirmnessExtra Extrafirm Flexibility: Extra firm
  • ShapeContoured

Courtesy of Amazon

Why We Love The HTML0 is a great choice for us: The low loft of the Bluewave Ultra Slim pillow will keep your neck aligned with your spine when you lie in the back or stomach. Likewise, its memory foam can mold to your neck. All this at less than $50.

It’s Important to Note: This pillow may be too thin for side sleepers, or mix sleepers.

With just 2.75 inches in height This pillow is light enough to hold your neck and head when resting in your back or stomach without costing you a fortune.

It’s filled with a CertiPUR-US-certified (meaning it’s free of dangerous chemicals) memory foam block, so it maintains that medium-firm support, even at the low height. The pillow is also equipped with the gel infusion as well as a perforated edges to help keep you cool in the evening.

For this price there’s no sort of sleep trial or long-term guarantee, however If you’re seeking relief from neck pains as an back or stomach sleeper, without having to spend a lot this pillow is an excellent choice.

Price as of publication $ 40

Product details

  • Material for filling:Gel memory foam
  • Firmness: Medium-firm
  • Shape: Rectangular, slim
  • Trial or Guarantee:No

Courtesy of Amazon

Why We Love The product: This lower-cost, high-loft cushion is made with toxin-free foam to help support your neck and head when you sleep on your back. If you’re not happy with the product, Snuggle-Pedic is able to create a new pillow to meet your requirements.

It’s worth noting: This pillow’s loft could not be suitable for stomach and back sleepers.

The pillow is filled by shredded memory foam that is perfect for those suffering from neck pain since once you’ve found a painless posture, the foam conforms to your neck and head to help you stay put throughout the night. The high loft of the pillow will aid in maintaining your spinal alignment when you sleep on your back, and the exclusive Kool-Flow Bamboo pillow case allows air circulation to keep you cool.

While it’s not one of the most affordable pillows available It is also approved GreenGuard Gold to ensure the substances are safe for use. In addition, we like this affordable option since, if you’re not satisfied with your mattress within the initial 90 days, Snuggle-Pedic can make a pillow to meet your particular dimensions, firmness and comfort requirements.

Price as of publication $75

Product details

  • Filling materialShredded memory foam
  • firmnessMedium
  • Shape: Rectangular

How We Picked the Neck Pillows to Treat Pain

To find out what features of the right pillow to treat neck discomfort, we talked with three experts on the characteristics to consider when choosing a pillow that will alleviate and reduce neck pain. They also talked about the products they would recommend to patients.

The experts we talked to comprise:

  • Kevin Lees, DC, director of auditing and quality for The Joint Chiropractic
  • Rahul Shah MD Board-certified orthopaedic spine and neck surgeon located in New Jersey
  • James D. Lin, MD, spine surgeon and an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

What you need to know about selecting the most appropriate pillow for Neck pain

Our three experts agree that finding the ideal pillow to help aid in the best spinal alignment is an individual. Dr. Shah recommends spending at minimum 15 minutes lying on a cushion in the most comfortable position in the store prior to purchasing it, if it is possible. When you shop on the internet, we suggest looking for a pillow that has an opportunity to sleep test it or a no-questions-asked-return policy. this way, should the pillow proves to be not working for the body you’re in, then you are able to take it back and try a new one.

If you’re suffering from neck pain that’s ongoing, or stems from an injury or illness, speak with an chiropractor or physical therapist or an orthopedic doctor to determine the type of pillow is recommended to suit your particular requirements.

However, in general, you’re seeking pillows that ensure that your neck and head remain in a neutral alignment (straight) in alignment with your spine. Two main factors that affect this:

You Sleep Position

This is among the most crucial factors to consider when deciding which pillow is suitable for you and which type will ease neck discomfort. The objective in any sleeping position is to find the right pillow level to keep your neck and head in an even align with the spine. For most side sleepers, they will require a high loft to medium and medium firmness to ensure that their head elevated throughout the night. For stomach and back sleepers, you are likely to require a softer pillow to ensure that their heads are barely lifted off of the mattress.

Your Body’s Size as well as Type of Body

Your weight, height and shoulder width determine the size, loft, support, and material will work best for you. For instance, a smaller one who lies on their back might not require more loft to get their head in the same position as their shoulders, however, someone with a larger frame may require more. In the same way, a person with a smaller frame could be best served by the standard pillow, and a person with a larger frame might prefer the size of a king mattress. The overweight will be more hot, and must choose cool materials and avoid heat-retaining products such as memory foam.

When you’re looking for the ideal pillow to relieve neck pain, the primary aspects to take into consideration are:

  • size: Size is actually the first factor that Dr. Shah recommends adjusting to determine the effect it has on neck discomfort. A pillow that is too big can force the neck to an unnatural angle , and cause irritation to the muscles that manage the head. On the other hand, pillows that are too small may not be supportive enough.
  • Loft The term “loft” refers to in essence, the amount of filling you have in your pillow, and thus the height of the pillow is. In general stomach as well as back sleepers should select the lowest loft, while those who sleep sideways should select an upper loft. There are, however, certain exceptions: If your smaller body and you sleep on your sides and sleep on your back, you may require an lower loft. If you have large shoulders and lie on your back then you’ll require an additional high loft. A common rule of thumb when you’re lying down on your bed in the position you prefer to sleep There shouldn’t be any gaps between your neck, head and shoulders. Also, your neck shouldn’t be pulled forward or in a backwards position.
  • Shape The majority of people prefer different pillow shapes depending on their anatomy according to Dr. Shah says. Certain back sleepers feel that cutting out a space to their head is beneficial to provide natural support. For side sleepers who have wide shoulders might prefer the cervical pillow that has an elevated bolster to better fill in the space under their neck. Let your body shape and your personal preference be your primary guide.
  • Support The term loft is used to describe the fill or the height of pillows but support refers to how soft or squishy an item is. “A stronger pillow will hold its shape longer throughout the night , and provide greater support. This is beneficial for those who sleep on their sides,” says Dr. Lin. A pillow that is firm is an ideal choice for those who suffer from severe neck pain since it will keep the neck and head at a constant level all night. In contrast, pillows that are soft will reduce in height with time, and could be more suitable for stomach or back sleepers.
  • Fill MaterialWhat the fill material of a mattress is made of can affect its strength and capacity to conform around your physique. The fill material can also play in how hot the pillow can get when you rest. Memory foam conforms to your body, and keeps you in the divet shaped around your body shape. This makes it ideal for keeping your body in a comfortable posture once you’ve found it. However, memory foam retains heat, so it’s usually preferred to be used as an amalgam fill. Latex is similar to latex in terms of motion-isolation properties as memory foam , but is much cooler. Be sure to choose products that are certified (e.g., GreenGuard Gold and CertiPUR US) to make sure that the fillings are safe and non-irritating.

Your Questions Are Answered

What kind of pillows are recommended by doctors to help neck discomfort?

Our three experts believe that the most effective pillows to help neck pain are those that help keep your neck and head in a neutral align with your spine regardless of the position you’re in.

Are firmer pillows better for neck pain?

The majority of the time, yes, as the firmer pillow will keep your head at the same level throughout the night, instead of compressing and causing your neck to move from its normal position, as suggested by the doctor. Lin. A more firm pillow is ideal for neck pain when the person sleeps on their back and a pillow with an incline that is low is ideal for neck pain when you rest lying on your back. If you are prone to sleeping with your stomach on the floor, a soft low loft pillow is ideal to help keep your spine in a straight line. But resting on stomach could result in a new or aggravated neck stiffness. Therefore, if you have already experienced neck pain, think about lying on your back or back.

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