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Okay Where are my lazy ladies? As modern-day urban dwellers, the majority of us lead a very uninvolved lifestyle, a sluggish eating habits, and a turbulent diuretic cycle. While lying on the sofa is our daily routine. In addition, we have our work routine that involves sitting in a chair for the entire day, and watching the screen of a computer or laptop. This doesn’t just cause you to increase your weight quickly and can lead to poor posture, and a disturbed sleep cycle. Sigh! But, practicing yoga at night before bed could be the best way to take care of your body! isn’t it?

Health Shots talked to Deepanvita Biwas the Premium Yoga Coach at Fittr who has shared 5 amazing yoga poses which are easy to perform and can be performed at home!

Biswas states, “Yoga can be looked at as a way of increasing your flexibility while also helping you sleep soundly. There are numerous poses one can practice by lying down that can aid in relaxing muscles and alleviate some issues like back stiffness and pain and bloating, digestive issues menstrual cramps and more.”

Here are 4 poses that are ideal for a relaxing yoga routine:

1. Badhakonasana

The butterfly pose is often referred to as the butterfly posture, it is among the most relaxing and simple yoga postures that can help to ease back discomfort as well as shoulder pain. In addition, it aids to increase flexibility in the muscles in the inner thigh. It it stimulates the heart, ovariesand abdominal organs and lessens fatigue. It’s an excellent cure for sciatica discomfort as well.

“For this posture, one should sit straight, knees bent and keep their feet close to the genitals as close as they can. Be sure that the soles are in contact and hold the feet securely with your hands, and fold your knees” states Biswas.

2. Janu Sirsasna, or the head-to-knee pose

The name suggests that in this position, the knees are pressed against the forehead. This posture helps ease the upper back discomfort. It also helps in regulating menstrual flow, back pain, aids in relieving stress and can make your mornings more pleasant than mints.

To do this, stand straight and spread one leg, while folding the other one. Bend forward, then stretch your hands toward your sole, and grasp it with both hands. As you do this, try to place your forehead onto your knee. Keep the knee in place for two minutes before repeating similar steps with the other leg.

Janu sirsasana can provide many advantages, if done properly. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Parivratta Sukhasana and the sitting twist

It is a fantastic pose that reduces back pain, stress and also stimulates abdominal muscles. It relieves the anxiety of varicose veins, and anxiety and relaxes the mind. This aids in achieving peace and clarity.

“For this, you have to be seated straight and stretching your legs. After that, lift one knee then twist your upper body towards the knee then fix your elbow on your knee to help aid in your twist, then relax again,” says Biswas.

The perfect yoga pose for bed the seated twist is a must-do posture to ease back pain. Image courtesy: Shutterstcok

4. Vartika Karani or inverted lake pose

This pose aids in increasing flexibility and strengthening the muscles. It can be extremely beneficial in muscles cramps and backaches.

To do this, one must lie in a position on the back and then lift their body up with legs and then back straight up in the air. The body can be supported by using their hands or by using the wall.

Yoga is extremely beneficial to the mind and body however, it is crucial to know how to practice the postures before attempting the poses because the wrong one could cause pain in some cases. Be sure to not in a the bed with a soft mattress that causes you to sink. This can lead to improper poses and can cause more harm than good.