What are the best creams for back pain?

When aches and pains become an obstacle to living a fulfilling life, you should consider applying a pain cream gel. If applied directly to the skin, ultra strength creams reduce inflammation and minor pains temporarily as a natural pain reliever.


Different types of pain relievers are needed for different conditions, according to dermatologists. Others are intended for open wounds such as cuts and scrapes; some reduce inflammation, while others are suitable for reducing swelling.


We’ve compiled a list of the top pain relieving ointment according to your needs. But first, let’s find out how to choose the best pain relief solution.  If you are looking for the best cream for sciatica pain, check out this article as well.


Choosing the Best Topical Pain Relief Creams

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients used in different pain creams differ. Ensure that the cream you choose is suitable for your specific type of pain. It would be best if you also were cautious with salicylate or lidocaine-based creams because it is possible to overdose on them.


Lidocaine or diclofenac contains NSAIDs, which are substances that reduces inflammation can provide relief in your discomfort. In addition to these ingredients, there are others that provide a distraction:


Cooling Sensation:​ Camphor, Menthol, Methyl salicylate

​Warming Sensation:​ Capsaicin


Depending on the type of pain relief you want, all of these methods can be effective.


Method of Delivery

Patches, sprays, and creams all produce pain relief through their active ingredients, but some deliver them differently in different parts of the body. Using a cream or gel on the hands, elbows, or knees that move a lot is best. Meanwhile, patches will stay put and provide constant pain relief in areas such as your neck, shoulders, and back. It might be easier to use a spray since it is less messy.


Consult Your Doctor About Combining Treatments

The solution for pain can be as simple as a pain cream or gel. However, if that’s not enough, discuss with your provider how you can make your topical treatment more potent.


Effective treatment for acute pain can frequently consist of a combination of topical and systemic medication, such as acetaminophen or NSAIDs.

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Best Back Pain Creams in the Market

It’s exhausting to have to use a heating pad every time you have sore muscles. Cold therapy does relieve pain, but it can be a hassle to cool a pack each time you use it. Topical pain relief from pain cream, on the other hand, relieve all sorts of pain, even your aching joints. If you have chronic back pain, best use muscle therapy creams first before consulting a doctor for a more effective cream.


Pain creams work on all kinds of pain like muscle pain, joint pain, back pain, nerve pain, and even just for sore muscles. The creams can give block pain signals causing your discomfort, the muscle soreness goes away, and sometimes in exchange for that burning sensation, you often get along with it. Although it only provides temporary relief, there’s no denying the cooling sensation of pain relief.


Here’s a list of some of the best instant relief gel or muscle rub  This list is not advice diagnosis or treatment guidance, you should get medical advice diagnosis for you pain.


 Penetrex Therapy Cream


The soothing ingredients found in the cream can help to reduce inflammation. Among its ingredients are arnica, a plant often used to soothe skin, plus vitamin B6 and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). Its pain relief effect, however, is ineffective for severe pain.


It won’t leave an oily or staining mess on your clothes since it’s non-greasy and non-staining. It might also be a little more expensive than what other pain relief seekers try to find.



  • Contains natural ingredient (arnica)
  • No greasy feeling
  • Stain-free formula

Non-Greasy BENGAY

Anesthetic creams with soothing ingredients are effective for minor aches and pains, particularly for sprains and strains.


In addition to its analgesic effect with cold and vasodilator effect with heat, it also provides local anesthetic to numb the area, which promotes healing and blood flow.


Another advantage? Because it’s non-greasy, your skin will feel good, and your clothing will not be stained.



  • Non-greasy formula
  • Stain-free formula
  • Combination of anesthetic and soothing ingredients

Biofreeze Pain Cream

An instant pain-relieving effect can be obtained with cold-feeling topicals like biofreeze pain relief gel. Menthol is the primary ingredient in this non-greasy, NSAID-free cream, which soothes discomfort by reducing inflammation and pain by desensitizing nerves.


There’s a good chance it will soothe you better than a bag of frozen peas. According to a study published in the June 2012 issue of the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, menthol relieves muscle aches and pains more effectively than simply provide a cooling sensation to the affected area.



  • Non-greasy formula
  • Stain-free formula
  • Instant pain relief (contains menthol)

Icy Hot Max Strength Pain Relief Cream

People who alternate hot and cold therapies find that they are more comfortable than using one alone. You should try this cream if you are among them. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine authorities, it uses menthol for cooling, as well as lidocaine to numb the nerves temporarily.


It is a popular treatment for back pain and arthritis-related pain, but it can be used for soreness on all your body parts. Furthermore, the formula is non-greasy and does not feel greasy.



  • Non-greasy formula
  • Stain-free formula
  • Combination of hot therapy and cold therapy pain cream

Tiger Balm Sports Rub Extra Strength

With ingredients such as camphor, menthol, and mint oil, this Tiger Balm Extra strength rub acts as a counterirritant and distracts you from your pain. Almost immediately, the cooling effect of the balm begins. You may feel some relief from your pain, or your mind will be distracted from your problem for a little while.


Cassia oil, clove oil, and petrolatum, among other ingredients, make the balm oily and potentially staining, so be cautious where you apply it. It can leave a strong scent and stain on clothing and bedsheets.



  • Cooling effect
  • Warming effect
  • A little can last for a long time

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Relief Gel

The Voltaren gel is an anti-inflammatory that is designed for people living with arthritis. This medication contains diclofenac sodium, a powerful NSAID for calming inflammation and relieving pain. The skin is also soothed and cooled by isopropyl alcohol.


The gel may be applied four times per day without possible side effects. Although it is a great pain relief for people with arthritis, pain relief isn’t immediate, so you may have to wait a bit for effect to take in.


Even with its moisturizing properties, mineral oil and propylene glycol also provide soothing effects without leaving a greasy residue.



  • An ideal product for people who have arthritis
  • Pain is relieved by diclofenac sodium
  • The skin is cooled with isopropyl alcohol

Neosporin  with Dual Action Antibiotic Properties

Neosporin is one of the few companies that combine a pain reliever and an antibiotic ointment in one product. Itching is relieved by Pramoxine hydrochloride, and irritation is soothed with Neosporin, an anti-bacterial you’ve probably used before. Just as Neosporin soothes minor cuts, it’s now combined with the itch-relieving Pramoxine hydrochloride.


This cream is not only designed to soothe aches and pains but is also safe to use on open wounds. It is still recommended that people with sensitive skin exercise caution, as they might experience discomfort.



  • Dual-purpose product
  • Effective
  • Easy to apply

Safety Tips

It is generally considered safe to use over-the-counter pain creams. Although all medications should be taken with precaution, this one is no exception.


1. Use Pain Relievers on a Short-term Basis

Pain reliever topicals are typically taken for no longer than a week.


2. Be Aware of Possible Side Effects

Stop using a cream if you notice:


  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Other symptoms and signs of irritation

3. Avoid Herbs and/or Unproven Ingredients

Make sure that the topicals you use contain ingredients that are safe and effective. The use of “all-natural products” that offer a promised “natural pain relief” should be avoided. The effects of these products are often unstudied, and a number of side effects are not documented.


4. Consult Your Doctor if You Suffer From Chronic Pain

If topical treatment does not work or the pain gets worse, contact your provider. Prescription cream may be needed to kick things up a notch.



Pharmacology has made way for topical drugs to give immediate relief for some diseases and disorders or merely small inconveniences like back pain. Although medicine is the ultimatum, there’s nothing wrong with seeking alternatives like a liniment for your back pain.


Are you feeling any pain in any part of your body? Try some of the best pain relief creams in the list above! Your pain management can be as easy as applying topical analgesics with extra strength pain relieving properties.


FAQs About Pain Creams

How Do Pain Reliever Creams Work?

Creams that relieve pain usually work according to one of four different mechanisms. Arnica is a soothing ingredient used in creams to reduce swelling due to inflammation. While anti-irritating creams rely on ingredients such as menthol and camphor to keep the skin cool.


Trolamine salicylate, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), is used in some creams to block the enzyme that causes inflammation. Creams that contain max strength lidocaine numb the skin.


During Pregnancy, Can I Apply Analgesic Creams?

Lidocaine-powered pain relief topicals can be used safely, providing you follow the instructions on the package.


The safety of camphor use during pregnancy has yet to be confirmed by research, so if you’re pregnant, it’s best to steer clear of creams containing the substance.


Menthol is not proven to be safe during pregnancy, but the risk is relatively low when a cream contains a low concentration of menthol. It is recommended that you consult your doctor prior to using a cream with maximum strength camphor and menthol.


It is difficult to safely consume arnica orally while pregnant, but it is generally safe to apply arnica gel topically.


You should consult your doctor if you have any concerns about the use of these types of muscle pain relief .


The third trimester may be the worst time to use NAID-based creams. The active ingredient of these products, methyl salicylate, infiltrates the body via the skin and can have adverse effects on the baby and cause problems during birth.

Some areas that pain relieving gel can help:

  • knee pain
  • foot pain
  • tennis elbow
  • muscles and joints
  • penetrex joint
  • carpal tunnel

Common ingredients in topical creams:

  • coconut oil
  • capsaicin cream
  • hemp oil

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