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working at home could cause a lot of damage to your posture. Even though you can work in your pajamas on your laptop at night is a great alternative to getting to work but it’s not doing your neck or shoulders any good. If you’re one of the WFH employees suffering from the dreaded neck and shoulder pains and pains, temporary relief is within reach with the Neck Pain Pro Complete 6-Piece Set. This featured item is currently on sale for 56% off, and can be purchased for $129.99.

If you’re suffering from pain from poor posture, recent injury, or fighting neck arthritis, the DR-HO Pain Pro Complete 6-Piece Set assists in increasing local circulation, while also stimulating massage your muscles that are aching and sore to give you some relief.

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The device combines three distinct methods for pain relief that include Transcutaneous electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) as well as electrical muscle Stimulation (EMS) as well as DR-HO’s own Auto-Modulating Impulse (AMP) stimulation to ease the neck pain as well as other places. The methods used to massage are deep kneading , rubbing and deep knea as well as the electrodes that are smart allow for targeted stimulation. In addition, the AMP automatically adjusts the massage, making it different from other products.

Although it was designed specifically for neck pain the Neck Pain Pro is not just for the neck. Neck Pain Pro includes additional body pads you can place to other areas of the body to ease tension and pain, or to improve circulation.

The product has 4.2 ratings on Amazon the product has been a source of relief from the Neck Pain Pro DR-HO. Richard said, “I’ve experienced less stiffness in my neck, and better rotation, so that I can turn my neck with more ease and move it with no pain as well as my shoulders.” Also, Melodee said, “The biggest difference is early when I wake up in the morning. I get up more loose. I’ve noticed that after using it throughout the day, I’m not as tight at night .”

The DR-HO Neck Pain Pro Complete 6-Piece Set give your stiff shoulders and neck some essential relief for a short period of time. Buy it now for $129.99.

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